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£1.3k loss takes the gloss off RAG headline event


According to stats revealed during a review meeting, RAG made a loss of £1,334.67 in last month’s headline ‘Le Cirque Sombre’ event. The loss marks a significant drop since last year’s ‘Prohibition Ball’ which saw £5,000 raised for charity, with organisers blaming the two SSB events.

Le Cirque Sombre included fairground rides, live music and circus acts in various venues on campus but only sold 368 tickets compared to last year’s count at an excess of 500.

Alex Hawkes and Harry Calvin Williams, RAG Presidents, said: “Unfortunately, after our promotional campaign had been set in stone, not one but two SSBs captured the attention of the student body shortly before our tickets went on sale. This cut into our expected ticket sales heavily.

“However, this did not deter a team of very dedicated and talented individuals who, despite facing the prospect of a loss-making event, resolved to make it a successful and unforgettable night. It is important to remember that whilst fundraising is at the heart of what we do it is not RAG’s sole objective. ”

They stressed that the event was still considered a success and was important for RAG’s reputation, but it was questionable whether a similar event would happen in the future.

A third year attendee said: “It was fun, and there were some great attractions like the ride outside, but maybe a little underwhelming. They did so well though considering the competition from the SSBs this year and RAG should be proud of themselves.”

RAG currently has over 60 people signed up for trips to both Mount Kilimanjaro and Macchu Pichu, and expect to topple last years figure of £100,000 raised during the Kilimanjaro climb. Events like Jailbreak, the most recent leaving last Friday with 156 participants, a charity sky-dive and RockSolid are also expected to contribute significantly to RAG’s fundraising total for the year.

The loss made at ‘Le Cirque Sombre’ was fully covered by the society’s contingency allowances and no charity money was lost as a result.

Gemma Joyce, Editor

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