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Vice-chancellor cost uni £40,000 in luxury flights and hotels last year


Sir Steve Smith cost the University £23,749 in luxury flights and £20,329 in hotels last year, according to a UCU report released this morning.

The revelations of Smith’s partial costs come in the wake of Exeposé investigations into the expenses of the ten highest earners at the University.

Since they are dealt with separately, Smith formally has no expenses, and the University claim that researching his full ‘costs’ would set them back £450, exempting them from a Freedom of Information (FOI) request sent last month.

The nationwide report detailed expenses of numerous University vice chancellors, with Smith easily exceeding the average of £9,706 on flights and £3,202 on hotels. The data shows that only two of his flights were not in business class.

The University have also claimed that some of the data from UCU and initial reports in the Express & Echo were inaccurate.

A University spokesman told Exeposé: “Obviously it is right and proper for the remuneration of senior managers in the public sector to be transparent and open, however the data should be presented accurately and in context so that the spotlight is shone not on those that have led their institutions to unprecedented levels of success and should therefore be appropriately rewarded, but on those that are underachieving.

“Every single journey, or meeting, or, conference, helps further strengthen Exeter’s position as a first-class University. That is important to us, of course most importantly, it matters to you. Your degree from Exeter gives you outstanding opportunities as you start your careers. By ensuring the University remains amongst the very best worldwide, that will continue to be the case throughout the working lives of you, and the generations of students to come.”

More to follow.

Harrison Jones, Editor

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