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Penryn hosts Queer Studies conference


On 7 March, the University of Exeter’s Penryn Campus will host the inaugural conference for academic LBGTQ+ studies.

The conference, entitled “Marginal Perceptions: Queer Voices In and Beyond Conventional Disciplines,” will be the first of its kind in the South West, and will feature focus points from multiple disciplines, including English Literature, Geography and the Social Sciences.

Local and national LBGTQ+ groups will be running stands during the event.

The conference is aimed to bring together students for a day of presentations, debate and discussion on various Queer Studies, in order to encourage increased discourse between students and academics at both  early and highly developmental stages within their academic careers. A film screening is also planned.

It is hoped that the event will be of particular interest to students who wish to become professional academics.

However, the conference will also welcome undergraduate, Masters and PhD students who wish to learn more about Queer Studies. Members of the local community are also allowed to attend.

Formal papers will be the primary focus of the conference, but the conference will also be welcoming of submissions within the realms of other media, such as photography or picture-based artwork, presentations, or creative writing, in order to grant it a wider focus.

Theodore Stone, News Team

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