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Error made in summer exam timetable


The exam timetable for summer 2015 which was released on Wednesday has been described as a “TEST” version which had been made “LIVE in error” by the exams office.

In an email sent by the humanities department yesterday, students were asked to ignore their timetable on Exehub, which is “currently being rectified and removed.”

The email also announced that “an official notification email will be sent to all students by the exams office when the timetable is released so please disregard any information gleaned from Exehub/Student Record System until then.”

A University of Exeter spokesman told Exeposé: “Due to a technical error, a test version of the summer exam timetable was made live on Wednesday on the Exehub portal. As soon as the error was noticed, it was removed and messages sent to students to ignore this version.”

“The correct timetable will be sent to students on Friday. We are sorry for any inconvenience this error may have caused but because of the swift actions to rectify the issue, we are confident that there won’t be any lasting confusion.”

Despite these changes, some students have continued to experience problems with their timetable, with some not appearing on the Exehub calendar. The University responded: “Additional memory was made available for the Exehub server on Friday morning, to ensure that the higher than average demand from students was met.”

“Some students may still be seeing the incorrect version of their exam timetable, in which case they should clear their computer cache and refresh the page. Help on how to do this has been made available since Thursday via the SID Desk twitter feed.”

Rachel Gelormini, Online News Editor

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