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Let’s get satirical: Library top trumps


It is a phenomenon that has been sweeping the Forum library for some- time now, and this conversation overheard just the other day truly encapsulates the gravitas of this fad:

“Mate have you got a Natasha Bayliss?”

“No man, but I do have four Phil Longbottoms.”

“That’s a bit shit.”

I am reiterating the same conversation we’ve heard a thousand times. Librarian card swapping is becoming an obsession of many Exeter students who reside to the library so often, they feel an intense connection to their subject librarians of choice. Speaking to a reclusive English student, she stammered: “I’ve been trying to get hold of a Diane Workman for days. Literally days.” After asking why the Workman card seemed of such value to her, the student laughed, shook her head, and retreated backwards into a dark corner.

Many students confessed to desiring the Lee Snook card – beholding the power to sneak. Ann Dinan was less of a popular choice as her noise ratings were high – always creating a bit of a din. Rosie Sellwood also seemed a sought after card, with high wood cutting levels and ability to “make books get bitchez.” All this card speak, less Yu-Gi-Oh!, more yu-gi-no- am I right?

The game doesn’t seem to make sense and the uninspiring inventor of the competitive swapping sport only seems to have the capacity to give each librarian powers based on their last name. Plus, the in-game lingo is ridiculous. Being a sport of the library, vocalising the lingo is literally impossible. Many students still seek the elusive card of subject librarian leader, Caroline Gale – wielding the power to cause a storm. Someone carved into bookshelf 824.1 “will swap 4 Overyz for Gale – plz.”

Emily Harris

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