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The rise of the tiny bag


Jasmine Prasad, Fashion Columnist, discusses her favourite new trend on the highstreet, the tiny bag….

With every season comes a new strangely divisive trend. One that I’m happy to jump on board with is the tiny bag: enemy of practicality, carrier of not enough objects, and beloved of Arena-goers who don’t want to pay for the cloakroom.  These have blown up big time recently, and all I can do is think back to the time when I thought I was totally rocking the tiny bag around school and everybody just looked at me in propensities of varying strangeness.  They were clearly not quite as ahead of the curve as me…

So let’s look at all the different styles that are dominating…


Topshop Unique Image Credit: Vogue.com
Chloé – Image credit: Vogue.com


Topshop Unique showed a cute spherical bag, pinning down a key trend, while Chloé showed a cute leather saddlebag number. We love the fringing on this Rebecca Minkhoff bag – fringing is such a festival staple, and this design means that we can stay adorable AND have a ton of fun, without being weighed down by a huge bag! Fendi and Dolce and Gabbana show incredibly adorned little bags – perfect for nightwear, while Marc Jacobs and Chloe show clean, structural designs.




Now all these are incredible creations, but to the average, non-runway frequenting bag user, these tiny bags may seem a little pointless and difficult. Okay so you’re working the accessories but where do you enter the sphere of practicality? In actual fact, I think these bags are perfect for anyone who needs to keep track of their essentials, but who can’t be lugging around a whole heap of stuff every time they go out! One of my vintage baby bags is actually my key piece whenever I hit Cavern! So if you need a tiny bag, and want to use it to capture all of the biggest Spring/Summer trends, be that fringing or geometric shapes, here are your picks:

Primark are actually great at this, their accessories are honestly seriously memorable. Of course, all Primark stock is subject to availability and not accessible on their website, but browsing through the store will honestly give some wonderful ideas. Topshop is kind of the favourite for accessories too, with their Marc B range online offering some cute, wearable tiny bags which will add a  tiny touch of delicacy to every outfit.  Also, check out their adorable tiny tote bags! Another big winner in the accessories game is, unsurprisingly, Accessorize. With quite a limited colour palate however, it might be difficult to find the shade you want, but Accessorize carry a particularly fetching mini satchel and quite an adventurous tribal print pocket bag!

Pocket Bag  Image Credit: Accessorize.com
Pocket Bag
Image Credit: Accessorize.com
Mini Satchel  Image Credit: Accessorize.com
Mini Satchel
Image Credit: Accessorize.com















This trend is certainly one of the cutest I’ve ever encountered and I think everybody should be comfortable sacrificing a little space for that little bit of glamour. Time to start downsizing your stuff guys! Oh the things we fashion freaks do…


Jasmine Prasad, Fashion Columnist

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