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Xpression Investigated After Inappropriate Quiz Comments


The Students’ Guild has received formal complaints following allegations that sexist and abusive comments were made during Xpression’s pub quiz in the Ram last night.

According to witness accounts, the host of the event made comments about molesting women and referred to women as “sluts”.

The first remark was made in reference to a question about Gareth Gates losing his virginity, when the host called women “sluts”.

When reading out the name of a team called “molesting squids”, the host then commented, “you should be molesting women, not squids”.

The individual took to Facebook to explain the event, posting on the private Xpression Sport 2014/2015 group: “I can only but apologise tonight about what’s happened. It was all in (the) heat of the moment, I didn’t realise the fem soc was there (sic) nor did I realise how bad it was. In hindsight I realise I’ve been a daft **** and I will try to take all repercussions (sic) from this so that the blame on the society is minimal. All I can say is sorry and do my best to have the blame put on me, even if that jeapordises (sic) my future as a member of Xpression”.

The message has since been removed from Facebook.

An Xpression spokesperson said: “We apologise for the offensive comments that were said at the Ram Quiz last night. We stress that the comments made by the individual do not reflect the station whatsoever. From its inception we have fully supported the #NeverOk campaign and are upset to have seen this happen. We would like to thank the Guild for their support in handling the matter with us.”

A member of a team who attended the quiz told Exeposé: “The team I was at was horrified by what he was saying and disgusted that this could happen in the Ram, a safe space for students”.

However, he also noted that: “The Xpression team hosting the quiz were very apologetic after and came to apologise on his behalf when they saw comments on Twitter”.

Participants took to social media at the event to stress their disapproval at the remarks made, and Exeter Guild responded saying that: “This behaviour is unacceptable from student groups”.

It is thought that the Student’s Guild are currently investigating the allegations further.

More to follow.

Meg Lawrence, Online Editor


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