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10 laundry life hacks that’ll blow your socks off


Stephanie Parrott shares her ten top tips for perfecting the washing routine….

It’s coming to the end of term, we’re getting more tired and washing is becoming an absolute nightmare… clothes are dirty, colours are fading and we just cannot be bothered to even attempt to get that ink stain off our tee-shirt.

All we need are some life changing laundry hacks, secret magic tricks to make our lives fresh once again… and here are the top ten.


  1. Shrunk your clothes?

Try soaking them in hot water mixed with conditioner to loosen the fibers then lay flat to dry.


Image Credit: Makeupandbeauty
Image Credit: Makeupandbeauty
  1. Losing Socks?

In order to keep track of small garments such as socks, use a mesh lingerie bag to keep them all together.


  1. Ink stains?

Hair spray or hand sanitizer work like magic, just leave on for ten minutes then wash out normally.


  1. Lipstick stain?

Use bread to blot out lipstick from clothing, the bread soaks up the makeup, whatever colour!


  1. Fading colour?

If your black denim is turning to grey with each wash, add two cups of tea to your rinse cycle and watch it retain it’s colour


  1. Grease stains? 

Rub white chalk or baby powder onto grease stains and then wash as normal and they’ll disappear.


  1. Long time drying?

If your clothes are taking ages to dry, add a dry towel into the tumble dryer and it will really cut down the cycle length, saving you time and money.


  1. Whites not sparkling?

    Image Credit: Dri Pak
    Image Credit: Dri Pak

Add one cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle of your white wash for some serious sparkling whites.


  1. Sticky situation with chewing gum?

Freeze chewing gum off your clothes so it loses its grip on the fabric and does not ruin it then scrape off.


  • Dirty washing machine?

Once a year, run your cycle with hot water and a bottle of white vinegar. This will remove any residue left in your washer and leave your clothes looking their absolute cleanest.

Stephanie Parrott, Lifestyle Columnist

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