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Muse at Exeter: Five things we want to see


As a die-hard Muse fangirl, Online Music Editor Lewis Norman jumps at the opportunity to give you the top five things he wants to see at their Exeter Great Hall gig.


1) Citizen Erased – A space-rock symphony that pushes boundaries like no other. The track opens with a jarring, clattering riff before descending into a languid and haunting verse. This isn’t just a song, it is a 21st century masterpiece. There is also a rumor flitting around that there is a sequel on their new album.


2) Glorious – As a B-side for 2006 single ‘Invincible’, Matt Bellamy somehow decided that it wasn’t good enough for the album. Nonetheless, Glorious is a fan favourite and what better time to bring it out than an intimate gig in South Devon?


3) New Born – The opening track to 2001’s Origin of Symmetry is the expansive and tantalizing ‘New Born’. Laced with eerie piano riffs and liquid guitar licks, this track has so many corners to investigate. Matt, if you are reading this, please open your Great Hall gig with this fascinating song.


4)  Showbiz – The last time Muse graced Exeter’s Cavern they brought out this chaotic space-rock anthem. The track bubbles with a deep, foreboding drumbeat and muffled vocals before erupting into a deliciously frantic chorus. Hopefully they will bring it back for the Great Hall, yeah?


5) Hysteria – Hysteria will, and always will, be my favourite song ever, let alone my favourite Muse song. I could talk for hours about why it needs to be on their Great Hall setlist but I’ll direct you to my Desert Island Discs if you’re really interested. Long story short, if it isn’t there I will probably cry.


Lewis Norman, Online Music Editor


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