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Tax-free tampons on campus?


The NUS Women’s Liberation Campaign has had their Student Idea to eliminate the ‘tampon tax’ on campus passed by the Guild Council.

The idea was approved on 25 February and has been passed on to Kate Hawkins, VP Welfare and Diversity.

Hawkins has been working closely with the NUS Women’s Liberation Officers on the campaign and will now take the motion to a University SWAN committee on 25 March.

It has been proposed that the Guild may be able to investigate the possibility of covering the cost of the tax, due to the small number of sanitary items sold within the Guild shop.

A similar campaign has been successful at Newcastle University, where the student council passed a motion for “Free Periods.” Tax has been removed on all sanitary items on their campus and various products will be available for free at certain sites.

Additionally, on Monday 9 March, Exeter’s NUS Women’s Liberation Officers were collecting signatures towards a national campaign calling for a ban on tax on sanitary products. 223 people have signed the petition so far, and those interested in supporting the cause are encouraged to contact the officers.

Meg Lawrence, NUS Women’s Liberation Officer, said: “We have had an extremely positive reaction from students and staff alike, and hope that this campaign will also have some impact on the national ‘stop the tampon tax’ campaign.”

She added: “It is outrageous that tampons are seen as luxury products when items such as cake decorations, exotic meat and herbal tea are not. This is an old fashioned and outdated tax, and I cannot see any reason as to why it should remain in place.”

Emily Leahy, News Editor

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