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Live preview: Kraftwerk’s Radio-Activity Re-imagined @ Phoenix 22/03/15


Emily Marsay previews the upcoming live installation of the seminal Kraftwerk album Radio-Activity

40 years after the release of Kraftwerk’s seminal album, I never thought I’d get the opportunity to see the masterpiece that was Radio-Activity live. Maybe I’d get to hear remixes or samples by the likes of The Chemical Brothers and New Order, but a live installation of the whole damn thing?!

Well that’s exactly what Exeter Phoenix have got in store for us this coming Sunday. And better yet than hearing the original from start to finish, we get to be treated to a modern reworking; an exploration through electronics, keyboard and a bank of analogue and digital instruments. Installation artist Antoine Schmitt will be there to open our eyes as well as our ears, through creating a futuristic cinematic experience to accompany the groundbreaking keyboardist Matthew Bourne, who you may know from The Leaf Label.

Radio-Activity has been an inspiration for many musicians, whether that manifested itself through jazz, electronics, improvisation or even artwork. With Franck Vigroux on electronics alongside Bourne and Schmitt collaborating on Sunday, these three pioneers will continue to use this album to inspire and transport the imaginations of the next wave of musicians and artists.

So come along and be inspired! I know I personally cannot wait, and will be preparing myself to be blown away until the event arrives this Sunday evening, 8pm. I’m hoping it’ll ready me for the German electronic scene I’ll be experiencing in Berlin this coming October for my year abroad.. maybe it’ll even inspire some in the audience to get creative. Watch this space!

Emily Marsay

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