Exeter, Devon UK • Sep 23, 2023 • VOL XII
Exeter, Devon UK • Sep 23, 2023 • VOL XII
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New plans to make Exeter a culture capital

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job opportunity is being advertised in Exeter for a Cultural Director, tasked with the role of turning the city into a must-visit city of culture.

Exeter Cultural Partnership, founded in 2010, opened the position which is being hosted by the University of Exeter.

The role asks for an experienced individual that will contribute to a long-term strategy to turn Exeter into a centre of UK culture.

The job advertisement is an aspect of Exeter’s Cultural Action Plan. The Cultural Director will work on a regional, national and international level to communicate, fundraise and explore investment strategies in pursuit of the city’s goal.

The Chairman of the Exeter Cultural Partnership Jay Milling said: “This is a hugely exciting time for our city.

“There is a spirit of positivity and collaboration amongst its cultural organisations which, with strategic leadership, will result in a much richer cultural life for anyone living, working in and visiting Exeter.”

Despite the plans, in 2014, Exeter was voted the seventh most cultural city in the UK according to data collected by the Manchester Evening News. This was in part due to the awarding-winning Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Exeter’s highly recognised arts scene.

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