Exeter, Devon UK • Sep 23, 2023 • VOL XII
Exeter, Devon UK • Sep 23, 2023 • VOL XII
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‘Your Scape’ at Exeter Phoenix Walkway Gallery: Preview

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From the 10th February, Exeter’s art society are exhibiting ‘Your Scape’ at the Phoenix. The student artists in question have all encountered drastic changes in environment at the beginning of the academic year. Perhaps you have moved to a completely different part of the country, or even to a different country altogether. Maybe you’ve lost the comfort of our warm Lafrowda ensuite and are now living in a grotty flat above Mega Kebab. Wherever you are, your physical surroundings, its inhabitants, and the process to get there constructs your identity.

As both a collective and intensely personal experience, the Art Society have decided that this would be fruitful ground to create new work from. Branching from its thematic title, a ‘Scape’ constitutes any variation of scene or environment, and the exhibiting depictions certainly stray away from ‘traditional’ landscapes. Showcasing extensive artistic skills through a range of media, this exhibition will certainly demonstrate the talent and passion found in our students. The Phoenix also deserves greater recognition in Exeter; we complain about the city’s limited art scene, but as a multi-platform venue with several art galleries, a theatre, a cinema, studios, and so on, the Phoenix will sooth your creative longings.

‘Your Scape’ will be running from Wednesday 10 February- Saturday 05 March 2016

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