Exeter, Devon UK • Sep 23, 2023 • VOL XII
Exeter, Devon UK • Sep 23, 2023 • VOL XII
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Student saviour vs. Student sabotage

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Spring Student Saviour: Victorian inspired fashion

Photo Credit: Instagram via @wlovedesign

Photo: Instagram via @wlovedesign

It seems like the fashion industry is running out of eras because it’s going back over a hundred years for this trend. Nonetheless, I love it. For a start, vintage is always cool and Victorian is vintage to the extreme. Plus, there’s an added bonus if you’re a history student because you get to geek out about your outfit. Also, Victorian means floral and we all know that spring is absolutely nothing without a healthy dose of floral print.

But, this trend isn’t only winning on the aesthetic front, there are practical bonuses too. Woken up with mysterious love bites from Monday Moz and you’ve already put your turtle necks away for the year? No worries, just grab that high collar, ruffled jacket and wear it to your 8.30 with pride. Skipped arm day at the gym? Not a problem, the puffy sleeves will hide your lack of muscle with and you don’t need to give those bicep curls a second thought. Now, for some, this trend may seem a bit over the top but it actually fits perfectly with the Exeter aesthetic. If you’re not feeling the full length gown, although I can’t see why you wouldn’t be, just throw on your Victorian style blouse over your classic skinny jeans and Chelsea boots, do a scruffy, not at all thought out half tuck and you’ve got the Victorian inspired just-rolled-out-of-bed look down to a tee.

Spring Student Sabotage: 70s inspired suede

As per usual, the fashion industry is drudging up yet another 70s trend that we thought, nay, hoped we’d seen the back of. Suede is back for spring and bringing with it a whole load of issues. Let’s start on a practical note; suede is not machine washable. We may be at ‘Exetah’, but no one has the time or the money to dry clean their favourite mini dress every time someone (probably themselves) spills a drink down it on a night out.

Suede is back for spring and bringing with it a whole load of issues

Secondly, suede is not breathable. Yes, that suede crop top looked just the right blend of slutty and cute in the Topshop changing room, but when you’re in the crush of Friday Timepiece and by 11 o’clock your top is soaked through, the cuteness of the pre-drinks photos is just not worth it. Then there’s the whole 70s thing. No one, and I mean no one, wants to match the outfit their Mum used to wear clubbing. Let me give you an idea of how that would look on Facebook: ‘@Judy, look, they look just like we used to! Remember the good old days? Don’t get too drunk girls LOL haha hope you’re well xx’. NO. We all love to steal our Mum’s clothing and call it vintage from time to time, but no one wants to see that invading their wall, especially not that new chirpse of yours. So please, please, stay away from the suede.

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