Poltimore Sessions | Daisy Vaughan

Exeter-based singer-songwriter Daisy Vaughan charms the Poltimore Courtyard in session.


Exeposé Music is proud to present – in collaboration with XTV and Poltimore Festival – Poltimore Sessions. Set at the historic Poltimore House, the coming sessions will showcase our favourite local musicians in the build-up to Poltimore 2016.


Before moving to Exeter, Daisy Vaughan lived in a cottage by the sea. Before that, a caravan in a field, a nature reserve and the South of Spain. Her voice amalgams the textured blues of Laura Marling with the winsome of Lisa Hannigan. She’s played sets at End of the Road, Latitude and Moseley Folk Festival, since supporting Nick Mulvey, Marika Hackman and Roo Panes on tour. Vaughan’s brand of well-travelled multi-lingual folk sits enchantingly still in the courtyard of Poltimore House, where we can’t help but stop and listen.

“I just write what comes out when I pick up a guitar… sometimes I find it easier to write in Spanish. Recently actually I’m in that phase, I’ve been speaking a lot of Spanish recently, but sometimes I go through other phases where it just comes out in English. Maybe one day it will come out in Russian or Arabic, who knows! There’s a world to go yet.”

Produced by Chris Filsell, Tristan Gatward, Cara Ludlow and Joe Stewart.

With thanks to Franci Donavan-Brady, Richard Griffiths, Julien Pecqueux, Sam Hutchings, Ben Thornley, Pedro Torres and ExeTech.

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  1. Absolutely enchanting….although I could be biased (being her grandfather). Can’t stop playing this vid.

    Hugely impressed with Exepose too!


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