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How to de-stress in 10 minutes

Feeling stressed about deadlines? Get back on track with these 5 calming activities.

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We all have times when stress can get the better of us. Whether you’re in the middle of an essay, don’t know what to do with your future, or are just having one of those days, here are five things you can do in 10 minutes to relieve some of your stresses:


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My mum always told me to go for a walk around the block when I couldn’t concentrate anymore, but I always cast it aside as a silly idea, however it really can change your perspective! Getting your blood pumping can refresh your mind and increase your endorphin levels, the body’s natural stress release. Feel free to jog or run, but be warned you may get some odd looks if you are on campus! (Trust me, I’ve been there.)


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Fresh fruit and veg are great for helping to improve your memory, boost your energy or increase concentration, but sometimes we just want something to make us feel better – that’s ok too! So grab that smoothie or those ram curly fries next time it gets too much. We all know you want to!


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Having a good chat with a friend can make us forget about our worries, so set aside 10 minutes to catch up with someone. Why not talk about something you read, saw on TV, an event you’re going to or just what you had for breakfast! And, whilst you’re there, make plans for the future, giving yourself something to look forward to.


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Whether you’re sold on Spotify or in love with iTunes, create your own 10 minute takeover and get lost in your favourite three tracks. Dancing around the room is optional but highly recommended!


Photo: @ukwomenshealth via Instagram

Laughing is proven to make us feel better, and we all know that YouTube has an abundance of videos perfect for this, whether you’re into cats, laughing babies or fail videos. Or, if you’re as easily amused as I am, try searching ‘shaved alpacas’ on Google and thank me later!

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