The Exeter University Conservative Association has not been invited to the Prime Minister’s talk, which is scheduled for Thursday, 7th April.

Sir Steve Smith, Exeter’s Vice-Chancellor, sent out personal invitations to a selected number of students and academics to represent the university. The invitation read: “I am writing to invite you to a special Q&A session with a senior Cabinet Minister. This will be an opportunity to ask questions on the important subject of Britain’s EU membership and what it means for young people.”

It was revealed earlier today that this senior Cabinet Minister is going to be none other than Prime Minister David Cameron. There will be no invited representatives of the EUCA tomorrow during the 2-hour long discussion, although some individual members of the society have been.

The EUCA, which is one of the largest party-political societies on campus, hosts regular social and political events, and has hosted speaker evenings with a number of high profile politicians. However, the Association itself has been seemingly overlooked by the Vice-Chancellor.

In a surprising twist, Exeposé can also reveal that both Exeter Labour Students and the Liberal Democrat Society have been invited to the talk.

Stephen Hawkins, 3rd year PPE student and Conservative City Council Candidate for Exwick, gave us his take on the matter:

“What should have been a fantastic, shining opportunity to meet someone, that many of the University of Exeter Conservative Association see as a political juggernaut, has been shrouded with confusion, miscommunication, and opaqueness.”

“I can hardly believe that Conservative Association committee, let alone society members, have not at the very least been invited.”

In the run up to the General Election last year, the society campaigned alongside Exeter’s Conservative candidate Dom Morris. An Exeposé survey, taken in the run-up to the Election, revealed that the Conservatives were the most popular party on campus; with more than 30% stating their intention to vote Conservative.

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  1. LOL – hilarious – I hope the Students give the Tax Dodging Ham Faced muppet the welcome he so richly deserves.


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