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Proposal steals the show at Campus Cinema

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Film-goers at the Campus Cinema were in for a surprise at a 6.30pm screening of Tarzan on 4 October, when a special romantic video was played before the film – shortly followed by a marriage proposal.

After the trailers and adverts, the lights went out, leaving a blank screen for a few seconds. Then a short home made video appeared. The romantic video showed Masters graduate Daulet Armanovich holding up cards with loving messages and asking third year Dina Alikeyeva if she would marry him. In Armanovich’s own words the video said “thank you for doing so much for me and this is the life we can have together”.

The audience were delighted when Alikeyeva said yes – with tears from audience members who were overcome with emotion.

Both Armanovich and Alikeyeva are from Kazakhstan and met at university. Armanovich has just finished a Master’s degree in HR Management while Alikeyeva is a third year Business Management student. They first met when they were paired together as dance partners for a Kazakh New Year style event that was organised by the Kazakhstan Society.

Armanovich said he had been planning the proposal for a long time – having bought the ring in August – and that he wanted to propose on the big screen, in front of an audience. He also wanted to propose in October because of a “family tradition” of September marriages failing quickly.


Kazakh traditions mean there are two wedding celebrations and Armanovich said he planned the first to be in Kazakhstan with Alikeyeva’s family and for the second ceremony to take place in Thailand.

“It was really exciting, even though getting the projector to play the video was rather stressful,” said Emma Farnworth, General Secretary of Campus Cinema.

“The trailers felt so long to all the committee because we knew what was coming, but we were all so happy that it worked.”

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