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Terrace Monday’s Review

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Monday night saw the launch of Exeter’s newest nightclub, The Terrace, located in the extension of the Guildhall. Designed primarily as a stylish restaurant and bar, by evening the first floor is converted into a “Club Lounge”. With the aim to introduce a chic venue to Exeter’s nightlife scene, the Terrace standardly has an over 21 age restriction in evenings. However Monday nights see this barrier removed, transforming the space to a student hot spot, set out to rival DSP at Unit 1 and Monday Night Mos (or Rosie’s to all you fresh out there). The club proclaims to “set a new standard” for clubbing in Exeter, however, with high standards to compete with, shifting student loyalties is guaranteed to be a difficult challenge.



Internally, the club certainly presented a sophisticated vibe, with lavish fittings, large seating areas and an extensive bar. The dance floor was somewhat on the small side being located between the bar and booths, however as the club filled up it spilled into the surrounding areas. Potentially the swankiest part of the club was the roof top terrace; the perfect spot to grab a breather from the sweatiness of the dance floor. It boasted views across the centre of Exeter, especially placing a spotlight upon the cathedral. This was certainly the greatest attraction of the club’s interior, with most people congregating here. As the name suggests, there was more of an emphasis on the roof terrace and its chilled atmosphere rather than actual dancing, thus explaining the restrictive dance area. This was actually refreshing, for the night could be enjoyed without being persistently targeted by rugby lads, and wild gesticulations whilst dancing never became a liability to all surrounding you.



Despite proclaiming to be a student night, the aura of exclusivity the club attempted to promote could be felt in regard to drink prices. Although not quite of London club expense, these were definitely on the pricier side of the spectrum and of limited variety – £4.50 for a double vodka and mixer doesn’t quite match a £3.50 Long Island Iced Tea from Unit One or a VK from Rosie’s.

As for the most important aspect of the night; the music – I couldn’t say this was overly impressive. Although it was encouraging that they employed student DJs, the music choices were overwhelmingly safe, blasting standard club and top 40’s tunes from across the past two years, with little that was new or different from the standard genre. This somewhat hampered on my experience of the night, but I did appreciate the spontaneous interludes of Stormzy into an otherwise typical playlist. However, this is probably understandable given that this was the opening night, and so choices may have been selected in order to appease the crowd by not deviating into slightly riskier music territory. Hopefully this will develop however, as the club establishes itself amongst Exeter’s nightlife scene.



Although we all have our loyalties towards either DSP or MNR on a Monday night, it is certainly worth checking out what Terrace has to offer. Will this simply be the Exeter student’s newest fad or does The Terrace have the ability to establish itself as a top destination for a Monday night? Only time will tell. Break away from your habitual Monday destination and make the judgment for yourself.

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