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Guild Releases Reporting Information Directory

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The Students’ Guild has released its new Reporting Information Directory, which will allow students to report instances of micro-aggressions, abuse and harm in and around the University. All reports made through the system will be completely anonymous.

The RID will consist of an online form with two parts. Participants will firstly tick a box  to narrow down the basis for the incident through categories such as “Race and ethnicity,” “Gender Identity,” “Faith,” and “Body and/or sex shaming,” among many others. Secondly, they will have the opportunity to describe the incident in as much detail as they would like, while keeping any other parties anonymous.

The number and type of reports that are received through the RID will be displayed on the “Current Issues,” section of the page. Although no report will be released online in full, the Guild plan to use the information that is reported through the system in a variety of ways. These include collecting data to present to the University on any incidents that occur and allowing the Guild to follow up on any issues of harm in the Exeter community.

Initiated by the Guild’s Liberation Council, the RID will play a role in informing the campaigns that are run by it.

The Deputy Vice President for Liberation and Co-President of the Feminist Society, Sachal Khan told Exeposé, “We’re really looking forward to this new system and the experiences it compiles over the next few years. Many marginalised students need their voices to be heard without the double edged sword of complaint cases/court cases taking a toll on their personal lives, degree and mental health. RID shows that the Guild can have your back and use your voice to take action. There’s still a lot to do to make sure Exeter can be a better environment, but I hope this is a step in the right direction.”

The RID is available on the Guild website.


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