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Is all the ballin’ worth it?

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With so many events happening all over campus, Christmas is the best social season of the year. Whilst there are endless ways to get involved in the festivities, dressing up with your friends for the night and heading to a society ball can be a perfect way to mark the occasion. However, for some the price may be a bit of a stretch by the end of the term, and with tickets ranging from £25-£60 on average, is it worth it?

For starters, the food is a great reason to buy a ticket. By the end of the term cooking may have become more of a rarity than a daily occurrence, so it’s nice to have a proper meal. Often this time of the year you’ll get something like a roast for the main, and so it can be the perfect way to feel festive before you head home for the real thing. Eating with your society/course friends may be a rare event, so it’s nice to sit down together for a meal (the bottles of wine on the table come as a handy bonus to start the night).

with tickets ranging from £25-£60 on average, is it worth it?

Alongside that, the whole extravagance of it all makes a change to a normal night out. Whilst we all love a trip to TP in black skinny jeans and Converse, it makes a change to see everyone make a bit more of an effort and be ‘civilised’ for the evening. The decorations and photos come as a plus, making the whole event the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit.



Although they can seem like a stretch in terms of price, Christmas balls don’t happen very often and can serve as motivation as we crawl through the last few deadlines. So go and grab a ticket and start getting in the Christmas spirit!

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