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Breakin’ down the Exetah stereotype

Hannah Weiss breaks down the Exetah Stereotype


You may not have heard of Exeter University’s Breakdance Society. But you’ve probably passed by the gang of students in the Forum, spinning on their heads late at night. If you were here last year, you will have seen us at PHAT, the hip hop night at Cavern, taking the stage by storm.

home to posh hockey players and rugby lads

It’s not quite what you’d expect from Exeter, supposedly the ‘rah’ university, home to posh hockey players and rugby lads. But we’ve been here over ten years, and many of the founding members are now professional dancers representing the South West scene. Some of them have pretty dope B-boy names. It’s always fun to tell my mates I’m heading out to jam with SugarRush, Splinter and Rickoshea. And in contrast to what you might expect, this year there are more girls than guys, including a female president.

While you’re queuing up for DSP, the breakdancers will take over Monkey Suit for funk night. We put on a pretty good show, if I say so myself. So much so, the bouncers let me walk straight in, no hassle. We’ll hit up pro battles several times a year to compete with the best and have been known to dance anywhere from the Lemmy to the Quayside, forever in search of space to train. The holes in my jeans are the scars from training hard, not a fashion statement. But the calluses on my hands are worth it for the thrill of mastering a new move.

One day we plan to save enough money from busking and performances to represent at an international jam like Outbreak Europe or R-16 Korea. For now though, there’s the eternal battle to see how long we can hold down the dance floor at Unit 1.


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