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NatWest campus closure

Image: Flickr

The Royal Bank of Scotland has announced that it will be closing 259 of its branches. One of these affected by the closure will be the NatWest branch branch on Streatham campus.

The closure comes due to a bid to cut costs as many customers have moved to online and mobile banking.

Yet many students still find NatWest’s location on site useful, particularly for first years who may have little access to town. Whilst most shops on campus accept card payments students still need to be able to withdraw cash. The cash machines in the Forum remain a popular stop off for freshers on their way to a night out, or lacking cash for the washing machine. Although older years have an easier access to town, many still use the onsite machines to get money to pay for Friday’s food stalls and the numerous charity sales in the Forum.

It unknown yet whether the university has plans to replace NatWest with another bank or continue the move towards digital banking.

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