Following the resignation of Labour Councillor Roger Spackman, a by-election was held in the Newtown and St. Leonard’s ward on 13th December.  Roger Spackman resigned on 30th October after allegations of downloading child pornography.

The turnout was considerably low at 27%, a drop from last year’s 44% for the full council elections. However, ward is considered a safe seat for Labour and their candidate Matthew Vizard won with 1044 of the 1914 votes. Matthew Vizard will join his wife, Natalie Vizard, in the council chamber as both now represent Newtown and St Leonard.

The three main parties, Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats, all saw a rise in votes. Lucille Baker, the Conservative Party candidate, came second with 512 votes, a 1.5% rise from last year. The Liberal Democrats saw a rise of 9.4%, whilst the Green Party saw a fall in support of 5.7%.

This makes the current make- of the council to be 27 Labour Councillors and 8 Conservative Councillors, with one Councillor each for the Liberal Democrats and Green Party.

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