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Research finds tax avoidance linked to gender

Image: Wikimedia Commons

NEW research from a project, “Willing to Pay”, finds that men are more likely to avoid paying tax.

Dr John D’Attoma, a member of the research team and the University of Exeter Business School, said: “We have found robust evidence that tax compliance is greater for women than men. But men are more responsive to the incentives attached to paying taxes.”

The project surveyed men and women in the US, UK, Sweden and Italy. Small groups participated in a mock task which earned them some money that they then had to self-report, with a low chance of being audited but also a tax avoidance fine.

The researchers also found that in every country, women were more likely to pay tax even if unrewarded. Dr D’Attoma said: “This shows that equal pay and measures to bring more women into the labour market could really have an impact in shrinking the tax gap.”

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