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Students speak for Europe

James Dart giving his speech.

On Saturday 24th March people across the country marched in support of support of Europe and a Final Say. Here in Exeter the South West March and Rally for Europe saw an estimated two thousand people gather in the city centre in support of the EU.

Students and members of the public met at Belmont Park before marching through the city and gathering in Princesshay. Here the activities continued with a variety of rousing speakers from around South West. These included speeches from Exeter MP Ben Bradshaw, MEPs for the South West Molly Scott Cato and Julie Girling, as well as Exeter University students from Exeter Students for Europe.

In a statement given to Exeposé, James Dart, who has set up the society, Exeter Students for Europe, said;

“Every generation has a war to be fought and won. My generation now belongs to country where the political elite are those who only 24 months ago were fringe radicals, too extreme even for the Conservative Party. A group who David Cameron referred to as ‘fruitcakes and loonies and closet racists’. These people are winning the war. However, they do not speak for young people and young people do not share their views.

My generation overwhelmingly identify as European, as well as British. We, like all generations, are the products of our time and of our culture; an open, tolerant, internationally minded and pro-European culture and one which we will fight to preserve. We do not care about the colour of our passports. Nor do we yearn for the return of imperial measures or believe ourselves to be exceptional. We are a great country, yes, a powerful country, a prosperous country; but we no longer rule the waves. So, if we cannot go backwards, then we must go forwards and my generation view our European neighbours as our closest allies and friends and we see our future as a part of Europe and not apart from it. This is the year 2018, not 1938. The European Union, for all its perceived flaws, is a project worth safeguarding, not abandoning on a whim. Young people are unapologetically in favour of remaining, reforming and rebuilding, and this is not about to change.”


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