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BUCS Wednesday 27-04-2016 – in pictures

EUMCC 2s 3s vs. Bath EUMCC 5s vs. Bath Netball vs. Southampton

Flashback Friday: Refreshers’ Week workshops – in pictures

During refresher's week at the beginning of term 2, our editorial team organised a series of workshops for Exeposé members. Below are pictures taken at...

Rugby Derby 24/02/2016 – in pictures

Here are all the photos from EURFC's 46-8 victory over Bath in the Rugby Varsity. Our full match report will be available in the...

Hockey varsities 24/02/2015 – in pictures

EUMHC v Sheffield Hallam 7-3 EULHC v Durham 2-0 Full match reports for both games will be available in the next printed edition of Exeposé, released...

BUCS Wednesday 10/02/2016 – in pictures

EURFC Exeter 1s v. Cardiff (48-7) EURL Exeter 1s v St.Mary's (28-22) Tennis Exeter 1s v. Bournemouth (12-0)

Sabb elections week – in pictures

Below you can find all of our images from SABB election week 2016, all taken by our chief photographer Edwin Yeung. For more of our...

BUCS Wednesday 27/01/2016 – in pictures

EUMHC Exeter 1s v. Bristol 1s (7-1) EUNC Exeter 1s v. Hertfordshire (33-53) Fencing Exeter 1s v. Aberystwyth (131-94)

Rugby Mens 3s V Cardiff Met – in pictures

Exeter Rugby Men's 3s thrashed Cardiff Met 55-5 on 13th January at Exeter's own Sports Park. Read Exeposé Sport's match report. All photos taken by Exeposé photographer...

Housing Fair 2016 – in pictures

Pictures from the students' Guild housing fair on the 12th of January 2015. Check out our advice for finding houses and housemates here. All photos taken by...