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 Anna Blackburn – Online Arts & Lit Editor

Anna is an English student from Ascot who loves all things arty. With hopes and dreams of becoming the female Graham Norton, Anna is thrilled to be immersing herself in the Arts and Lit sphere. Considering this opportunity the perfect time to develop her investigative skills, just in case MI5 come knocking, she can’t wait to leap head first into some journalistic grit and fully develop her pun-potential. When not conducting research on how to immortalise Dame Judi, she can be found indulging in heavy-weight poetry books and self-regulating her sass.  Forever with a book on her person, Anna is a passionate campaigner for abnormally large coat pockets and is determined to make reading-friendly fashion the next big thing. She prides an antique porcelain pigometer as her most prized possession (who wouldn’t love a weather-predicting ceramic) and with her infallible supply of optimism, Anna could, quite simply, not be more pumped for the year ahead (self-appointed no.1 keano).

Izzy Hilliard – Online Arts & Lit Editor

Brought up in the depths of the shire, Izzy is a second year English student (big surprise) with a love of everything Art-y and Lit-y. When she isn’t reading in coffee shops and thus chasing her dream of being the most stereotypical English student alive, you can find her on the hunt for the best pastry products in Exeter, writing fan mail to Taylor Swift and pretending to be competent at her degree. Izzy cannot wait to take on the challenge of becoming Mary Berry, and being one half of Exeter’s Art and Lit Online Team in the same year.

Tash Ebbutt – Print Arts & Lit Editor

A second year English student that can often be found looking slightly dazed with earphones firmly plugged in, not antisocial, just a smiley daydreamer hailing from somewhere north of Birmingham- a firm defender of the Midlands territory who is probably listening to Disney or some pop punk band you’ve never heard of. Typical of an English student she enjoys reading, writing and sitting in various cafes whilst she doodles and daydreams about anything other than her degree.. ahh procrastinating, the very bane of her existence. Means of procrastination include Netflix bingeing, baking and knitting as well as championing all the socials over in Doctor Who Society. Often the wild Tash is spotted in Exeter’s bookstores, and prays that you just read that in David Attenborough’s voice because the wild Tash is a lover of both books and David Attenborough (legit she could rave about David Attenborough for many a page, she’s already written his name three times, maybe she should start a society or something). Normally an advocate against the whole exercise thing unless it’s to go to Morrisons for ice cream, she intends to become a pro climber this year by joining the university’s society, yay fitness! Oh almost forgot, onto the more serious business, she hopes that being part of the Arts and Lit team will bring experience, cultural epiphanies and an improvement of her terrible pun skills as well as plenty of opportunity to bake all the sweet treats for press days. Yeah, spoiler alert for Exepose committee, y’all gonna be a lil chubby by the time she’s finished with you. <3

Emma Bessent – Print Arts & Lit Editor

Emma is a second year English student who hails from Wroughton, a little village which she likes to stress is outside the nearby town of Swindon. She enjoys reading, writing and criticising things, with a side order of cooking and sewing. She’s happiest when everything is As It Should Be, being an out-and-out perfectionist, and has a passion for making things pretty (preferably colour-coordinated, too). Having written for Exeposé throughout her first year, she’s thrilled to have the chance to get more involved in the day-to-day running of the paper, hoping the experience will help her get her foot in the door of some kind of publishing house or other. Recurrently or chronically laid down with various illnesses since she was ten, Emma has a deeply vested interest in the experiences of people with “invisible illnesses” and how society receives and accommodates for them. She’s also mad about fairy tales, myths and legends, their social reception and their retellings. But, given reason to, she’s happy to pen down a rant on just about anything under the sun.