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Harry Bunting – Online Comment Editor

Harry hails from Sheffield, making him part of Exeter’s thriving underground cult of northerners. When he’s not being baffled at how many letters southerners pronounce per word or being mistaken for a Scotsman, he’s maintaining a poor diet, desperately trying to be funny on Twitter, and limping his way through an English degree. He is the creator of Late Night Hedd, the XpressionFM radio show that has been described as ‘the worst show broadcast’ and ‘an amusing yet complete waste of time’. Now he takes up the mantle of Exeposé’s Online Comment Editor in order to further his dream of being the Rupert Murdoch of Xmedia (but with 100% less right-wing propaganda).


Online Comment Editor – Hannah Weiss

From somewhere in that indeterminate limbo between London and Surrey, Hannah plans to adult in the capital so she can fall asleep to the sound of planes, traffic and human civilization, as opposed to cows. Having hustled a handful of publishing work placements where she was paid in stacks of books, she is determined to return, because books are far better than gold. Plan B is to boost capitalism becoming a brilliant copywriter. If all else fails, she intends to finally master headspins and make it as a pro breakdancer, smoking her opposition in battles across the globe. When not struggling to read Shakespeare, learn Spanish, or solve conundrums at the SID desk, she dreams of travelling to Osaka (city of cherry blossom ice-cream) and becoming the next Exeter student to write internationally acclaimed children’s stories. As Online Comment Editor, Hannah enjoys being professionally opinionated about the mystery that is student life.


Print Comment Editor – Alicia Rees

Originally from Port Talbot, the steel capital of Wales, Alicia has spent her first year at Exeter confirming that she is indeed not from The Valleys and attending Cheesey’s on an almost weekly basis. Aside from being found entertaining the Cheesey’s crowd from one of the booths, Alicia is also tackling a Drama degree and trying desperately to write a musical about nothing other than courgettes. As Print Comment Editor, she hopes to keep being cynical and cannot promise that courgettes won’t surface at some point. P.S. Please do NOT call her Alisha, it makes her very angry.


Print Comment Editor – Malcolm Wong