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Online Comment Editor – Bea Fones

Following an eventful, rewarding and sometimes exasperating tenure as Print Comment Editor two years ago, Bea took the opportunity to sod off to Germany for a year to recover, resulting in the sad circumstance that most people no longer know who she is. Unable to survive without Exeposé in her life, she’s now moved to Online Comment and can’t wait to get back to the section (and screeching her weekly dramas to the whole office), with the added benefit of not having to keep to such a damn strict word count. Studying Theology despite being a hard-line atheist, spending her time split fairly evenly between travelling, dancing around a pole and ranting about the patriarchy, and having been an Exeter student for approaching half a decade (!!!) makes her, as they say, a bit of a wild card.

Online Comment Editor – Josh Gammage

Print Comment Editor – Isabelle Gray

Print Comment Editor – Deepa Lalwani

Self-proclaimed shortest committee member of Exeposé (if she’s not she will definitely never shut up about it), Deepa likes to make up for her stature with her strong opinions, which she hopes to spout freely in Comment this year. When she’s not opining, Deepa is struggling through her hefty reading list as she completes her English degree, and hopes to use her time as Comment Editor to wisely continue procrastinating (ideally with minimal writing in the third person). In what little spare time she has, Deepa likes eating (and lamenting over the lack of food markets in Exeter), singing (she hopes her fellow committee members can cope with her unashamed love for cheesy hits), and overusing parenthesis. Really, though, she’s just excited to use the office as a safe haven to eat her lunch so she can stop battling with first years for seats in DH1.