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Online Editor – Harry Bunting


Online Editor – Natalie Keffler


Print Editor – Megan Davies


Print Editor – Graham Moore

A serial procrastinator whose body is approximately 95% caffeine, Graham is supposed to be studying an MA in History; he has decided to forgo that in favour of ensuring instead that Exeposé is sufficiently inundated with bad puns, abundant alliteration, and Oxford commas. Somebody has to do it, he insists, although he is unable to cite any evidence for this statement. His other pastimes include overbooking his social life (presumably with the express intent of being able to complain about how he has overbooked his social life), not really knowing when to stop talking, and forcing everybody else in the office to listen to ABBA.

Deputy Editor (Print) – Katie Jenkins


Deputy Editor (Print) – Alicia Rees