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Online Editor – Harry Bunting

Harry hails from Sheffield, making him part of Exeter’s thriving underground cult of northerners. When he’s not being baffled at how many letters southerners pronounce per word or being mistaken for a Scotsman, he’s maintaining a poor diet, desperately trying to be funny on Twitter, and limping his way through an English degree. He is the co-creator of Late Night Hedd, the XpressionFM radio show that has been described as “the worst show broadcast” and “an amusing yet complete waste of time,” as well as the producer of an XTV sketch show which has been labelled “not as bad as I expected”. Now he takes up the mantle of Exeposé’s Online Editor (alongside his dear friend and enabler Nat Keff) in order to further his dream of being an insufferably omnipresent media man.

Online Editor – Natalie Keffler

Natalie, or rather ‘natkeff’ as she has become branded by friends and fans alike, is over the moon to be one of your Online Editors this year with her best pal Harry B, making her even closer to the domination of Worldwide News to hopefully improve it for the better. When she isn’t doing her editorial duties, she can likely be found in one of the craved A&V booths eating soup from Pret she really cannot afford, planning yet another night out in Cavern, and cracking awful jokes with the other exepoz gang in an attempt to avoid doing her actual degree (which unsurprisingly is English by the way, with a dash of Politics thrown in on the side just to mix it up a bit). She has absolutely loved being part of committee this year and is excited to guide the fresh young faces alongside the other senior team this year xo

Print Editor – Megan Davies


Print Editor – Graham Moore

A serial procrastinator whose body is approximately 95% caffeine, Graham is supposed to be studying an MA in History; he has decided to forgo that in favour of ensuring instead that Exeposé is sufficiently inundated with bad puns, abundant alliteration, and Oxford commas. Somebody has to do it, he insists, although he is unable to cite any evidence for this statement. His other pastimes include overbooking his social life (presumably with the express intent of being able to complain about how he has overbooked his social life), not really knowing when to stop talking, and forcing everybody else in the office to listen to ABBA.

Deputy Editor (Print) – Katie Jenkins

When asked by humans of importance (lecturers, interviewers, people who pay for gym memberships they actually use) what she wants to do with her life, Katie has perfected the most pretentious intonation of the word, “journalism” she can. In reality, she identifies as a 73-year-old grandma and simply strives for a cottage by the sea and a dog. Quite where journalism fits into that she is as yet unsure. About to embark on her veteran fourth year of English and Spanish, she will no doubt be found rambling dewy-eyed about her “yah abroad” and salmonella-laced paella. Only before 9pm however. Unlike her funky fresh committee, this OAP needs her ten hours sleep.