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Online Features Editor – Chloë Edwards

Cardiff-born Chloë took a gamble last year and decided it would be a good idea to combine editing Exeposé’s Online Music section with her year abroad in a remote part of Germany which no one has ever heard of. This gamble paid off, and having caught the Exeposé bug, she’s over the moon to be back on the committee for another year. After writing as a German Foreign Correspondent last year and an eager reader of many an international publication, she’s now back for her fourth and final year in the glorious EX4 and the English and German student is excited to start editing with the Features team. Lover of good indie music, synth-pop, coffee, cats, decent films and anything from the 1980s, Chloë has felt compelled to write for a living since winning a Blue Peter badge for a poem she wrote at the young age of eight, and she dreams of one day becoming a high-flying journalist and hopes to study MA News Journalism after graduating.

Online Features Editors – Bryan Knight

Enthusiastically, Bryan takes on the role of online features editor. The Kenyan-born history student has a particular interest in both imperial and post-colonial history. Bryan has a love for TV and watches a plethora of shows ranging from Question Time to the Atlanta Housewives… merely for “research purposes”. He credits both Sarah Jane Smith and Oprah Winfrey for his interest in broadcasting and aims to pursue it as a career after University. Living in a time when the media is frequently attacked, and the truth often manipulated, Bryan understands the importance of his new role and is committed to maintaining a high quality of reporting whilst never shying away from uncomfortable realities.

Print Features Editor – Niamh Elstone

Niamh is exceptionally excited to be joining the Exposé committee as a print features editor! She is an English Literature student and a fully-admitted book nerd, sporting the dorky glasses to match. Despite her book-worm tendencies, she’s also a major adrenaline junkie and enjoys extreme sports such as bungee jumping, skydiving and the odd caving trip! As cliché as it sounds she also loves travelling, her favourite country being Italy for the amazing views and the even better ice cream. She has an oddly diverse music taste ranging anywhere from Muse to George Ezra. Niamh is also a massive fan of all animals, especially the fluffy ones, and, pre-warning, she will grab you in the middle of town and squeal if there is a cute dog nearby.

Print Features Editor – Neha Shaji

Neha believes in the phrase “you are what you eat”, and hence thrives on a diet purely consisting of eggs and Peperami. She reluctantly admits an intense love for old Hollywood and Karl Marx, and refuses to believe they are opposites. Neha likes to sniff out people to interview from all corners of the world and beg until they agree, if only to get her to shut up. As Features Editor and Student Elections Officer for the upcoming year, she also juggles an English degree in her third hand which is otherwise generally occupied in order to stroke every dog she sees. She has been described as “infuriatingly eccentric”, “the prime example of how you can only be either pretty or smart”, “an activist who unfortunately watches anime”, and “plain extra.”