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Matthew Phillips – Online Features Editor

Matthew, a second-year English Literature student (like about four-fifths of the committee), bravely decided to break with the norm and post neither a sarky nor wildly self-deprecating bio. He wanted to try and join Exepose as Online Features co-ed out of a vague desire for ‘experience.’ Not just the oddly quantifiable experience one lists on CV’s, but for the literal experience which would drive him to engage with the world of journalism and writing which — so he believed — is to be his (and perhaps is the, he might add, cheekily) quintessential form of reaching to others — across all divides; Self, worldview, and worldly circumstance. Alongside the lovely Daphne Bugler, his co-editor and who, without whom, this role would prove impossible, he wants to facilitate a section that punctures familiar boundaries with journalism that comforts the afflicted, and afflicts the comfortable.  

Online Features Editors – Daphne Bugler

Always clutching a cup of coffee to fuel her ever increasing caffeine addiction, you can normally find Daphne rambling about the legitimacy of both History degrees and country music. Despite having spent over half her life in the UK, Daphne clings on to every last bit of her fading Canadian accent, because let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to be Canadian?  To keep up the image she is often found pretending to know what she’s talking about in all things North American, and using Maple Syrup just a little too often in her cooking. Besides writing and editing Exepose articles, Daphne also loves climbing, reading and occasionally making it up to the gym. After she graduates, Daphne hopes to make it into the world of journalism, and convince a few more people that Singing in the Rain is the best movie ever made. In all honesty, Daphne couldn’t be happier to be co-editing Online Features with Matthew, and can’t wait to see what the year has in store.


Print Features Editor – Isabel Taylor

Print Features Editor – James Angove