Games & Tech Team

Games & Tech Team

Jonathan Land – Online Games & Tech Editor

Jonathan is a second year student studying Computer Science with Politics & Sustainability who’s from Cardiff. Generally the first port of call from friends and family needing help with their computers, phones and other tech. You’ll likely find him talking about his Just Dance record of being no. 1 in the UK at some point. Outside of dancing he usually plays on his Xbox One playing all kinds of games from, puzzle to racing. Outside of tech and games, Jonathan has a great interest in financial history, especially the 2008 and the dot com bubble of 2001. Also having a passion for anything political whether it be UK or abroad, he’s always ready to hear all sides of the argument from all perspectives.

Ben Assirati – Online Games & Tech Editor

Ben is a second year student from Buckinghamshire studying English Literature. A gaming enthusiast of all types (barring mobile games), you can usually find him sat playing something in the early hours of the morning when an essay is due the next day. Ben has a particular interest in open-world games, being an unashamed fan of Ubisoft and Bethesda, but enjoys looking at the finely-crafted details of plot and thematic content as much as pure mechanics. Outside of games, Ben does not stray far from fictional stories, enjoying reading (unsurprisingly) and fancying himself as a bit of an amateur film fanatic.


Jabez Sherrington – Print Games & Tech Editor

Jabez is a second year English student from Durham, trying to decide where to go in his life. Far too long ago, he found a beat-up GameBoy in a field, and ever since a love of games has spawned, then flourished; with a wealth of experience writing and working for online YouTube networks/eSports publications, he now hopes to combine this with his degree, trying to bring video gaming up to the level of appreciation literature, theatre, and now films, attain.

Although he plays anything that passes through his Steam Library, Jabez can usually be found delving into MOBAs, RPGs, or competitive multiplayer titles. Outside of this valuable time, he enjoys making films, travelling around the world, and writing poetry that’s far too edgy.


Sam Woolf – Print Games & Tech Editor

Sam is a second year Drama student from Jersey. A console gaming fan through and through, Sam spends most of his free time playing through hefty single player experiences such as the gargantuan Skyrim. However, from the friendship ruining Mario Kart to sidesplittingly funny card games such as Cards Against Humanity, multiplayer party games are amongst Sam’s favourite pastimes. Sam also has a particular fondness and appreciation for all things “Nintendo”. When not gaming, Sam can also be found patriating in various theatrical productions through directing, acting, and managing the stage.