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Dimitria Mina – Foreign Correspondent Editor

The dreaded question “where are you from?” haunts Dimi on a daily basis as she epitomises the hackneyed stereotype of a ‘third culture kid’. Growing up half Greek, half South African in far flung places such as Hungary, Russia and The Netherlands has perpetuated her love-hate relationship with chaos. A country that works too well to Dimi is boring (and also democratic peace theory is flawed). Yes, for those who haven’t gaged it yet, she is one of those rare people who enjoys her International Relations degree that it is not a chore but a cultivated lifestyle. She can most likely be found in the front row of every IR lecture, partly because her eyesight is awful but partly because she’s too keen. Looking forward to her year as Foreign Correspondent Coordinator, she merely hopes to not scare the correspondents away with her enthusiasm over growing international tensions.