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 Online Lifestyle Editor – Bethan Gilson

Online Lifestyle Editor – Melissa Barker

 Print Lifestyle Editor – Barbara Balogun

By looking at her fridge, you could assume that she is a typical Exeter student as Avocados and Cheese can always be found in quantity. As an International Relations student, Barbara is also obsessed by politics, the regulations and policies involved in the use of nuclear weapons, the problem involved in the refugee crisis, etc. Barbara loves being occupied but if you can’t find her on campus or in the Exeposé office, that means that she is probably trying to find a new Netflix series to binge watch or at the gym pretending to be fit on selfies with her flatmate. On campus, you can most certainly find her at AMT ordering a Chaï Steamer or a White-Hot Chocolate (Yes, typical). By the way, fun fact: when deciding on which University to choose, the weather in England was so beautiful that she fell in love with the campus; little did she know that Devon’s weather was not really like that every day.

Print Lifestyle Editor – Lauren Geall

As a third year English student, Lauren thought that writing the perfect witty bio would be a piece of cake–oh how she was wrong. Proudly from the coast of West Sussex, this Instagram obsessed human can often be found breaking into unexpected musical numbers and pursuing her life-quest of obtaining the perfect smock dress. Outside of Exeposé she enjoys having debates with her friends about often pointless subjects and drinking copious amounts of various teas (peppermint would be great, if you’re asking). As Print Lifestyle Editor she hopes to continue to nurture her love for ‘aesthetic’, although the fact that she isn’t avocado obsessed might make the role more of a challenge than she initially expected.