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 Online Lifestyle Editor – Katie Baker

English student Katie Baker further attempts to do anything other than her degree work, but with slightly more of a sense of accomplishment than re-watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Working in her dream section and pretending she lives the Lifestyle life when mostly she’s just a pro at covering life’s biggest problems a with a facemask and making life look better through heavy filtering and years of learning her perfect angles. Also, she’s willing to fight you tooth and nail if you talk down to her section, armed with one too many feminist think pieces.

Online Lifestyle Editor – Rowan Keith

 Print Lifestyle Editor – Bethan Gilson

Print Lifestyle Editor – Rhiannon Moore

Essex-born Rhiannon Moore, also known as Rhi, or ‘that one that makes weird noises at inappropriate times’, tries to be every ‘Essex girl’ stereotype but in reality, she’s just not quite cool enough (she does like to pretend though). Instead, she expresses her love for the Paddington films and believes that if everyone was even a fraction as non judgemental and kind as the lovely bear, the world would be a far more pleasant. Studying an English degree allows Rhiannon to pretend that she’s not studying a degree at all, so she has plenty of time to dedicate to the Exeposé gang. She’s mostly looking forward to being able to promote her social media to even more people so she can get more instagram likes.