Lifestyle Team

Lifestyle Team

Alma Crespo – Online Lifestyle Editor

Alma will walk 500 miles and Alma will walk 500 more.

Lucy Ronan – Online Lifestyle Editor

Lucy is a second year English Literature student. Hailing from South London she quickly escaped to Herefordshire (a part of the country no one has heard of, that could totally pass off as Tolkien’s Shire) at the age of eight. Oh, and it’s not Hertfordshire, for the seven millionth time. Known to her friends as “that travel blogger”, she runs an award-winning travel blog, Faraway Lucy, even though she’s never had the spiritual gap yah experience Exetah students are so renowned for having. This blog has led her to grow three extra limbs: her laptop, phone and camera. Unashamedly indie and in love with a bit of punk rock, you will typically find Lucy dancing her pants off in Cavern (though I’d hope not literally). While Lucy considers herself pretty kick-ass, in reality she’s a small, ditsy girl who can’t put up a fight. When she’s not blogging, editing or embarking on road trips, you’ll find her tucked up in bed watching back-to-back reruns of her favourite TV shows – I’m looking at you, GoT.

Laurel Bibby – Print Lifestyle Editor

Returning to the Lifestyle dream team for a second year, Laurel is a third year English and Drama student hailing from the sunny shores of Guernsey, Channel Islands. Despite her British roots, she spent a few years prior to university living in Dubai, resulting in a slightly Americanised accent and a new-found dread of the question ‘so where are you from?’ When not scrolling through Instagram (find her @laurel_bee), obsessing over Harry Potter or pretending she has her life together, Laurel can be found experimenting with new vegetarian and vegan recipes and embarrassing her housemates by singing and dancing round Devonshire House. After jumping ship from Online to Print, Laurel is looking forward to a year of press days that will be proudly sponsored by avocado toast and granola (naturally). She enjoys writing her personal lifestyle blog and hopes to pursue a career in magazine journalism post-graduation.

Jade Beard – Print Lifestyle Editor

Jade does not have a beard, her surname is a lie.