Music Team

Music Team

Sam Norris – Online Music Editor

Sam is a third year Law student from somewhere between England and Wales. The most fun to be had there was sipping Monster Energy in a sodden cow field listening to “Feel” by Robbie Williams downwind from the nose of the farmer’s hound, and thus he quickly gained a fascination with the scorching-hot late 80s Desert Rock scene, where bands drove far into the Mojave desert to escape the establishment and jammed the heaviest grooves till the sun came up. As well as this, his musical inclinations cover jolty noughties indie, melodic synth-pop and fuzzed-up rock of all shapes, sizes and cushion textures. Indeed, he is a member of two bands; both, curiously, with names related to fabric products. Despite being an indirect descendant of the legal maverick Lord Denning, he dislikes Law and wishes he was an English student because they think deeply, wear bohemian clothes and read about a bald French man. When he was 3, Sam bumped into Cliff Richard in a revolving door. He became a music journalist in order to one day meet Cliff Richard, and apologise in person for the mild inconvenience he caused him.


Harry Williams – Online Music Editor

Harry Williams, then. Where to start? He’s a scrappy young go-getter originally from the grimy seaside city of Portsmouth, so his first ever experience of music was a sea shanty warbled by docked sailor on a heroin comedown. He is now in his third year studying English Literature with tastes ranging from folk-punk to hip-hop to wacky indie nutters like Grimes, Sufjan Stevens and Panda Bear. He is also the student with the best record collection now Tristan has shambled off to Sabb it up, and will fight anyone who says otherwise. He lives in a dingy flat above a hairdresser’s with a shower that once electrocuted him, but fortunately this gave him superhuman journalistic chops and a propensity for Pokemon-based Trap remixes. Forever the musical contrarian, he will incessantly argue for the artistic merits of Grime and Kanye and if you like something, he doesn’t like it anymore. In case it wasn’t already clear, Harry is that type of pseudo-hipster that values the type of art you consume over everything else. This extends to his literary interests as well, masturbating over writers in every strain of Modernism, such as James Joyce, Kurt Vonnegut and David Foster Wallace. But he’s alright really, honest.

Helen Payne – Print Music Editor

Helen wanders through a life always with a song in her head, and pretending to be more Welsh than she is (“Oh really? You don’t even have a Welsh accent…”). She will internally correct your grammar. She will steal one (all) of your curly fries. She won’t be able to talk to you first thing in the morning without having downed a mug full of golden brown caffeine. She will listen to an album on repeat until she knows it inside out and backwards. Lover of sarcasm, lover of puns. Lover of virtually everything: dogs, buttery toast, aesthetically pleasing patterns, ticket stubs/festival wristbands (ever increasing collection), carrot cake. Unexplainable hatred of glitter (Magic Hatstand nights are next to unbearable). Amateur artist. Amateur guitarist (self-taught – catch her band Flaws Above play various venues around Exeter – they’re only keeping her because she has a car to cart the drum kit around). She will silently judge you for listening to anything top 10 related (but secretly loves a classic night out at Cheesy Tuesdays. Don’t tell). Writer of fiction, often found scribbling short story openers down on scrap paper and losing them. It seems no one really knows what to do with their lives post-Exeter bubble, but Helen is sure her future must involve her two greatest passions – an unfathomable love of music of all varieties, combined with adoration of creative writing – and music journalism seems to be the answer. If she can get anywhere remotely close to her dream of writing about music for a living, she’ll be happy.

Rory Marcham – Print Music Editor

Rory will Marcham to the top of the hill and Marcham down again.