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Online Music Editor – Chloë Edwards

Cardiff born and raised Chloë comes from a family of music lovers. Only problem is, they all have opposing tastes in music, which probably explains her eccentric music library. Couple that with many a shift as a part-time waitress in her pre-Exeter days (in which she hid from grumpy customers and chatted to the chefs in the kitchen about music and just about everything else) she has this motley crew to thank for moulding her questionable taste in music. Lover of good coffee, synthesizers, cats, chocolate digestives, decent films and anything from the 1980s, Chloë can sometimes be found in the XpressionFM studio pretending to be a real radio DJ. She currently studies German with English and Spanish and often wonders why foreign grammar rules are so complex, but it’s alright though, she’s about to jet off out of EX4 on her year abroad. Chloë has felt compelled to write for a living since winning a Blue Peter badge for a poem she wrote at the young age of eight, and dreams of one day becoming a music journalist.


Online Music Editor – George Stamp 

Although initially joining Exepose Music in order to get free gig passes and interview famous musicians, George soon came round to the idea that music journalism is a very rewarding field that offers a lot more than just the kudos of going to Glastonbury for free. As a maker-of-music himself, George sees fit to not only play but also write about music. This makes sense given that he comes from a music-loving family who raised him in the heart of North Wiltshire countryside where there is literally nothing to do except listen to a lot of music. His tastes range from Death Grips to Kate Bush to Ariel Pink to Aphex Twin. He currently studies English Literature and enjoys coffee, Peep Show, Marxist Theory, Seinfeld, and a good meme.


Print Music Editor – Alex Brammer 

Print Music Editor – Maddy Parker