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Online Music Editor – Jaysim Hanspal

Online Music Editor – Jamie Moncrieff

Print Music Editor – Aaron Loose

Well, this was unexpected. When he’s not being roasted by lecturers on Twitter, Aaron dreams of a creating a Music section where zesty new talent can be discovered, nurtured, and championed. He studies English, but enough about that.  It makes him feel nervous. In his (ample) spare time, Aaron likes to dance, devour Bowie biographies, slurp spaghetti, and dance. He sometimes wonders whether doing the odd bit on Xpression counts as adultery, but that’s besides the point. A man of faith, he will happily spread the good news about the most funky ArchAndroid, Janelle Monae, to anyone gracious enough to listen. Now, Aaron can’t claim to have a five year plan, but for this year, he will graft alongside Mr. Alex Wingrave (a giant among men, spiritually as well as vertically) to make Exhibit the cuddly intersection where Charli XCX , Debussy, and ukuleles meet. Let’s run away together.

Print Music Editor – Alex Wingrave

By assuming the role of Music Editor (alongside the pure and perfect angel that is Aaron Loose), Alex hopes to break out of his bubble of angsty guitar music that mostly consists of power chords, pained screams and nasal yelps about getting out of this town, or mum and dad not understanding. He’s already learned of artists that were massively important to the previous committee, like Kanye West, and might even listen to a song or two. He’s also a bass guitarist and student musician, and loves writing songs about his many feelings and hoping people will listen to them. Alex studies English like nearly everyone else, works in Pieminister if you ever want a cheeky extra scoop of gravy, and is already getting a bit unnerved about talking about himself in the third person.