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Online News Editor – Edd Church

Online News Editor – Hannah Stevenson

Print News Editor – Jaimie Hampton

Jaimie is incredibly excited about joining Exeposé, mainly because it gives her a reason to walk to campus that doesn’t involve studying poetry. Despite being an English student, she prefers Scorsese to Shakespeare, and will take any excuse to visit the cinema. She also never wants to attempt creative writing again as a result of some dreadful attempts during her first year. Jaimie is incredibly enthusiastic about Disney films and is constantly searching for affordable trips to Disney World. She also wants to travel the world one day but is terrible at saving money (blame Pret). One day, Jaimie wishes to run a marathon but right now her love for running is fighting against her loathing of Exeter’s hills. When she isn’t procrastinating, you’ll probably find her belting out show-tunes despite pleas from her neighbours to stop.

Print News Editor – Gwyn Wright