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Online News Editor – Nicky Avasthi

Nicky is from Birmingham, and before you say it, she’s not a Northerner (The Midlands exists, people!). She is delighted to take up her role as Online News Editor, bringing her a step closer to taking over all forms of worldwide media (because this is obviously the next natural step following editing a student newspaper). As an English student, she is painfully aware of her lack of job prospects and general chances of survival when she finally steps out from under the shelter of the student bubble. When she isn’t publishing hopefully at least semi-engaging news stories for Exeposé, Nicky can be found tinkering away at the piano with pointless compositions, prioritising reading that has nothing to do with her course over essays that have to be read in time for her 8:30am seminar the next day or desolately going to the gym in a futile attempt to make up for her poor student diet. Oh and she really, really loves dogs. Like, A LOT.


Online News Editor – Ruby Bosanquet

Ruby hails from Bath, giving her that extra middleclass and Southern edge which is so hard to find in ‘Exetah’.  As a second year English student she lives predominately on coffee and croissants, and can be found either planning adventures (be that to Exmouth or further afield), or enjoying Exeter’s array of clubs (holla at me Unit 1). If she’s not nosing round campus looking for the latest story she’s helping organise events for RAG, or trying to choose between another series of Netflix or the gym. She’s very much looking forward to working with the wonderful News team and can’t for them to eventually dominate the media world. And no, much to everyone’s surprise, she doesn’t hate The Kaiser Chiefs.

Print News Editors – Megan Davies

Megan always makes a big deal out of being ‘the child of Welsh and German parents, who grew up in Avully, Switzerland’. After many years of looking at mountains out of classroom windows, she thought the hills of Devon would be a piece of cake. How wrong she was. Speaking of cake, she would promise to bake something for you, but might never get around to it – so if you’re desperate for cookies, here’s a hint: you’ll find her either at dancesport, studying for her English and Drama degree, or trying to fulfil every stereotype of that degree. Despite warnings of long days spent trying to move around some pictures on InDesign, at time of writing, she is still excited to get to work with a fabulous News team.

Print News Editor – Natalie Keffler 

Natalie Keffler, or rather ‘natkeff’ as many friends and acquaintances call her, giving her an edge that is so hard to obtain upon studying at Exeter, or rather ‘Exetah’ University, is delighted to be one of your Print News Editors for this year, making her one step closer to domination of Worldwide News, (preferably to take it out of the hands of Rupert Murdoch). When she isn’t doing her Editorial duties, she is probably living up to her stereotype as an English student, reading intellectual books in indie cafes and getting overly excited about Shakespeare at every given moment. Always one to keep busy, Natalie is also a keen actor, tennis player, partial to many a night out at Unit 1 even when she has an 8:30 the very next day, and in case she hasn’t already told you a hundred times, a vegetarian.