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Ayesha Tandon – Online Science Editor 

Bookworm, dancer, and lover of musicals, Ayesha often find herself wondering what the hell she was thinking in choosing a Natural Sciences degree. Please DO NOT ask her about future plans – Ayesha has a crippling inability to make any sort of concrete decisions, as shown by the fact that her degree is essentially ‘everything sciencey’. She is also extremely worried about her future  employment prospects, as most people’s reactions ‘Natural Sciences’ is ‘umm… like trees?’ When she isn’t curled up in bed reading a good book, or being dragged out of the house to exercise by her sports-crazy friends, Ayesha is most likely to be in the LSI attempting to extract scientific pearls of wisdom from her infinitely smarter course-mates (it’s called ‘collaboration’!) She can’t wait to start editing – it will give her an excuse to read more!


Rhys Davies – Online Science Editor 

Rhys is first and foremost, a nerd, in almost every sense of the word. From T.V and books to music and maths. The best and worst thing about Rhys is that he just can’t sit still, since Uni began Rhys has kept himself far too busy, studying Mechanical Engineering, being a part of too many societies, running away to America to join the circus, becoming a Co-President of the Engineers without Borders society, and reading and writing the world over. These are just the beginning he has plans to work in Abu Dhabi in the summer, to study in Canada as soon as 2018 hits and edit the socks off of Exepose.  At the end of the day all Rhys really wants to be a citizen of the world, solve problems, talk to people and read and write stuff. Plus science is sexy, and editing the sexy section is going to be a world of fun.


Leah Crabtree – Print Science Editor 

Leah is a fourth-year Medical Sciences student returning from a year attempting to find the cure for Alzheimer’s. Spoiler Alert: she didn’t. A bone fide science nerd and a lover of all things grammar-related, science writing became her calling. When not in Giraffe House crying over her latest ‘reflective essay’, she can be found drunk in labs (why-oh-why are there 8:30 labs on a Thursday morning?), running circles around a track, being a student ambassador, ementor, SSLC rep and various other extra-curricular things that mean she is constantly known as the ‘keen’ one in her group of friends… Taking up the crown of Science Editor alongside the fabulous Luke Smith means plenty of bold, bright and brilliant stories to feast your eyes on, if only we can figure out InDesign…


Luke Smith – Print Science Editor 

Luke is a third year Biochemistry student who will look for any excuse to get away from the lab, and not without good reason. He’s prone to accidentally starting fires, getting toxic chemicals in his eyes, and being an all round liability. Trying to find some sort of meaning in his life led him to rationalize that he was a writer… He is a writer! In fact, Luke (mistakenly) thinks of himself as a humanities’ student who went down a wrong path – surrounding himself with Theology undergraduates and sometimes daydreaming about his extensive school play career (his most notable role being the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz). This is all a delusion of course; Luke is at his happiest when the complicated ideas of science meet the upper crust of tabloid journalism. Well, that and comparing himself to a primordial creature, disguising his New Age Atheist tendencies (whilst being the president of the AHS), and slagging off the Hobbit trilogy. Seriously Luke, no one cares.