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Molly Gilroy – Online Screen Editor 

On a mission to forever be caught wearing winged eyeliner and a signature red-lip, Molly embraces all things 50’s and stylized, with her Audrey Hepburn box-set in prime position on her aesthetic shelf (strangely adjacent to 7 series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and is usually ‘overdressed’ for every social function. Molly professes her love to her spirit animal, the fox, pretty much daily, having admitted solemnly however, she has never actually seen one in real life (if any-one knows any wonderful fox-spotting locations, she will be your forever friend). When not found planning to go to her next gig or listening to Morrissey’s and Mark Kozelack’s rendition of ‘Moonriver’, Molly should be studying for her final year in English Literature. Unsurprising, for she has a highly sweet tooth, a recent lover affair has sparked between Molly and the sinful sugary confectionery, Pop-Tarts, having been brainwashed by repeat watching of Gilmore Girls. Parisian prints and macaroons are also a definite soul pleaser for her…and this is where I shall let the judgement to end…


Johnny Chern – Online Screen Editor 

HERE’S JOHNNY! Johnny is a second-year Politics and International Relations student with a better eye for unconventional, edgy filmmaking than a good essay. He is still not angry that Fenton swooped in and stopped a Johnny and Ben print editor double-act. He might dabble in a political piece, but please trust his scathing takes on Hollywood over his views on world affairs. Johnny often says his favourite film could be Casablanca, but also maybe Chungking Express (nope, no idea either) because fewer people have heard of it. Like so many others, Johnny has an unhealthy obsession with Netflix but an even unhealthier obsession with pot noodles. He can be found enjoying both simultaneously instead of attending Exeposé proofing, but will turn up when reminded that there is free pizza.

Fenton Christmas – Print Screen Editor 

Named after a combination of a famous deer-chasing dog (YouTube it) and the best day of the year, Fenton took the rather questionable decision to attempt to study English, despite not liking books. Always up for a cheeky indie film, he’ll still argue to the end that No Country For Old Men is the best film ever made. He regularly binge-watches Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and can recite all the Pirates of the Caribbean films word-for-word, even if they do suck. He will pretty much buy anything with Batman or Back to the Future on because he never learnt how to grow up. He is a massive Chelsea fan and will destroy you on Mario Kart. Open to any type of music, he can be found awkwardly dad-dancing in the corner every Cheesies after one too many whiskeys. There is no clear evidence that La La Land made him cry (but it totally did).

Ben Faulkner – Print Screen Editor 

When not buried in History books [pretending to read] or wasting his life savings on pizza, Ben can be found sobbing over 500 Days of Summer or redecorating his room to look like a Wes Anderson interior. Although it may be easy to assume that Ben’s entire life is moulded and consumed by films, he also likes to dabble in a disconcerting range of music genres, produces Michelin star meals on the daily, waits patiently for a BUCS badminton call-up, models on demand, and has been known to make some fairly outlandish statements. He shall not in any circumstance be civil towards you if you truthfully believe – in your heart of hearts – that Michael Keaton was not robbed at the 2015 Oscars. If you believe the contrary, you’ll be getting a Christmas card. He insists Moneyball is his favourite film; but then again he reckons Lemmy is a good night out, so you can take or leave his judgement. He is also a massive fan of talking in third person.