Screen Team

Screen Team

James Hands – Online Screen Editor

James Hands is a second year – going on third year (hopefully) – English student. He is specifically interested in YouTube as a platform for filmmaking and is interested to see what happens with Netflix. He seriously think it could take over the world. James aspires to one day contribute creatively to the world of film and television. However, with the way things are looking, he’s beginning to accept that this will probably leave him sleeping under a red carpet rather than walking down one. Aside from writing self-deprecating things about himself, James enjoys the prospect of travelling. He’s seen some great places on his TV.

Cormac Dreelan – Online Screen Editor

Cormac Dreelan is a third year politics student who uses film and TV as a way of escaping from the increasingly decrepit, corrupt, and imploding British political system and democratic process. He is also a fan of hyperbole, and insists that he definitely loves Twin Peaks more than you love your family.

When Cormac graduates, he isn’t quite sure what he wants to do; perhaps something in the political sphere, or perhaps something creative (so he can justify living in student-like squalor for the rest of his life). He is also a fan of music, and enjoys discussing his ever-increasing record collection with anyone who is interested (which is no one).

Zak Mahinfar – Print Screen Editor

Zak will never leave, ever. He is here forever.

Mark Allison – Print Screen Editor

Mark likes Bond films. A lot. Perhaps too much.