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Online Screen Editor – Harry Caton

Harry’s loved film ever since watching The Good, the Bad and the Ugly as a young lad. Before that, he can only recall a faint haze of Davies-era Doctor Who, Dumbo, and S-Club: Seeing Double. At the same time as writing for Screen, he’s generally to be found snarking on Instagram, staring into the abyss of an English degree, or baking vast quantities of food to guiltily eat. You can always count on him to have some kind of waffle-y art theory at the ready- the kind of stuff that will go precisely nowhere, and yet is delivered with garbled conviction. He’s been this pretentious ever since coming out of a screening of Rogue One feeling, frankly, hollow. His primary occupations at Exeposé are acknowledging his co-editor David’s cinephilic superiority, figuring out what “Screen” actually means, and adjusting to being known as “other Harry”.

Online Screen Editor – David Conway

English Student David’s extended ramblings on exciting subjects like the anti-climactic ending of the otherwise superb Exorcist III: Legion, and Orson Welles just being really, really cool in The Third Man, have hounded Exeter’s student population for two years. Now, as Online Screen Editor, he has gained a new outlet to continue this slightly maniacal hobby into third year. On his shelf, you’ll find a rather confusing selection of film and TV, ranging from classics like Don’t Look Now and Vertigo, to more ‘eclectic’ picks, like Bubba-Ho-Tep, where Elvis Presley fights a mummy in a retirement home. Listening to co-editor Harry talk about film is David’s other main hobby, basically meaning Exeposé Screen has now consumed his life. He hopes Screen will slowly consume everyone else’s too.

Print Screen Editor – Ben Faulkner

Somehow, and for some obscene reason, he’s still here. He’s been re-elected out of pure sympathy. Hopefully it’ll give him some sense of superiority over his new colleagues who all boast a far superior knowledge of film. A year on, Ben still feels like an outcast: a meat-eating history student who doesn’t read literature in his spare time. He fits 0 of the criteria to nab you one of these positions, yet you’re still getting another year of him declaring Moneyball as a modern classic. He also thought The Shape of Water was only just about okay, so he’s clearly using his final year to stir up some drama. His previous co-ed, Fenton, complained that he did ‘absolutely nothing’, so this year he’s determined to show his critics up and do a couple of things.

Print Screen Editor – Chloe Kennedy

Chloe is a controversial non-pun-lover English student. When she’s not talking about the latest flat-lay of Wes Anderson film props, she can be found producing vast-quantities of sugar-filled baked goods (or her new discovery: pizza dough). Chloe is also a big fan of dance numbers (particularly tap) in films, giving her a slight bias to an otherwise narratively-average film. Surprisingly, Chloe is a flamenco dancer herself…but doesn’t like to talk about it. When she’s not stress-baking, she is rewatching Gilmore Girls (for the tenth time?) or listening to soundtrack albums while trying to get through essays and reading. Having had a (slightly obsessive) indie-film phase in her teens, Chloe adores a quirky drama and is a bit of a sap at heart. If you want to win her over, give her anything aesthetically and cinematically pleasing, she’ll be wooed in an instant.