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Michael Jones – Online Sports Editors 

Welsh – if the surname wasn’t a giveaway – and lover of sports. Bizarrely do not abide by the Welsh epithet of rugby fanatic (although I can write about it, if you are reading future employers…). Rubbish at any sport apart from football, and to a lesser extent squash, you could probably claim that you are superior at golf, tennis, rugby, hockey *the list goes on* than a sports editor. Hoping to make the sports section run as smoothly as a puck on ice – there was no way you were getting away without reading some sport related pun – I can’t wait for everything that comes my, and Kieran’s, way. And yes, I also study English… Oh, and you can check out everything I have ever written (if you care), here: https://mikejonesmedia.wordpress.com/


Kieran Jackson – Online Sports Editors 

Kieran is a 3rd year History and Politics student from Surrey (though he likes to keep that quiet), with a huge love for anything sports based. A massive Liverpool supporter, he’d happily write an article about Steven Gerrard and/or Jurgen Klopp every day of the week. Aside from the Reds, he also has a big passion for tennis, rugby and cricket, as well as an oddly found fondness for NFL and Gaelic Football! Kieran and Michael are very excited heading into the forthcoming year, with many innovative ideas to entice readers & writers to the site. If you’re interested in writing anything at all from the sporting world, please feel free to contact the sport section by e-mail at sport@exepose.com – the ball is in your court!

Dorothea Christmann – Print Sports Editors 

Dorothea is originally from Germany so she’s a stickler for the rules and will always be punctual – she has a sense of humour though … However, she can’t go a day without people asking where she is really from as she can’t hide her Mancunian accent from the Surrey crowd. Apparently, she pronounces ‘glasses’ wrong! She decided to study Psychology in the hope that she can finally learn what determines the way we behave and think. Observing everyone dressing up in ridiculous costumes at TP on Wednesday night makes for a great case study. When she isn’t trying to learn how to use APA referencing, she can be found at the Xpression FM studio on Saturday mornings talking all things football and tennis and embarrassing herself on the quiz section. She is extremely excited to be your Sports Editor alongside Wil Jones as she has been a lover of football since day one and is proud to call herself a Manchester City supporter. If this didn’t sound like a Lonely-Hearts column already, she also loves fruit tea, reading, the beach, and is fiercely competitive, so stay away her from at any Firehouse pub quizzes.


Wil Jones – Print Sports Editor