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Luke Clarkson – Online Sports Editor

Maverick and esteemed member of the ‘Frosted Tips Boys’, Luke was a late bloomer in terms of Exeposé involvement. A soul sapping few years in his maths degree has left him desperately craving any opportunity to engage in some creativity and writing and where better to apply himself than in the online sports section of Exesposé? A fan of all sports, but with football being his true passion, Luke is dreaming that in his tenure he will be able to edit and write the articles when England bring back the World Cup this summer.

                                          Ben Hart- Online Sports Editor 

 Josh Brown- Print Sports Editor

Josh is likely the only member of the committee that isn’t studying English – which isn’t surprising given he was born and raised in Essex, so didn’t learn to read or write until his late teens. After the TOWIE lifestyle lost its appeal, he turned to sports journalism, covering his beloved Spurs, though his first musings were so wildly inaccurate that they were once credited as the starting point of the ‘fake news’ culture he’s now studying as part of his PPE degree. Unperturbed by a lack of actual talent, he kept at it, and developed into a decent enough writer to take up his first editorial post with Exepose, in a four-year period that’s seen a momentous rise from talentless try hard to Young Blogger of the Year nominee in the 2017 Football Blog Awards. His other notable achievement in life is that James Blunt once tweeted him.