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Xmedia Code of Practise

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The Xmedia Code of Practise



  1. All X-Media shall be subject to the following “X-Media Code of Practise”.
  2. The material published or broadcast by X-Media shall be of a balanced and wide-ranging nature. It is specifically forbidden to make personal attacks on members of the University or Guild Staff (see the Staff/Student Protocol).
  3. The “X-Media Code of practise” shall be displayed in all relevant offices of X-Media and in a prominent position on all x-media websites.
  4. The Students’ Guild believes a student journalist/broadcaster/programme maker has the right to refuse an assignment or be identified as the author of editorial that would break the letter or spirit of the code.
  5. The Students’ Guild will fully support investigations into alleged breaches of this code.


A student  journalist/broadcaster/programme maker will

  1. Uphold and defends the principle of media freedom, the right of freedom of expression and the right of the public to be informed.


  1. Strive to ensure that information disseminated is honestly conveyed, accurate and fair.


  1. Do her/his utmost to correct harmful inaccuracies (for example any harmful inaccuracies are corrected in a responsible fashion in the next applicable publication or broadcast).


  1. Differentiates between fact and opinion.


10. Obtain material by honest, straightforward and open means, with the exception of investigations that are both overwhelmingly in the public interest and which involve evidence that cannot be obtained by straightforward means.


11. Do nothing to intrude into anybody’s private life, grief or distress unless justified by overriding consideration of the public interest.


12. Recognise that the Students’ Guild (which includes X-media) has a duty of care to its membership. Therefore media content; editorial and publication decisions must take due account of the likely effects of publication upon the student or group concerned.


13. Protect the identity of sources who supply information in confidence and material gathered in the course of her/his work.


14. Always makes it clear when interviewing that what he/she is taking down/recording may be used in a publication or broadcast.


15. Resist threats or any other inducements to influence, distort or suppress information, and takes no unfair personal advantage of information gained in the course of her/his duties before the information is public knowledge and does not abuse his/her position for personal gain in any respect e.g. to gain admittance to any function or performance which you are not covering for X-Media.


16. Produce no material that has a negative or discriminatory impact against minorities of any kind by complying with the Guild’s Equal Opportunities policy; involving the Equality & Diversity Officer or VP Welfare & Community where possible to avoid harmful reporting.


17. Not by way of statement, voice or appearance endorse by advertisement any commercial product or service save for the promotion of her/his own work or of the medium by which she/he volunteers.


18. Normally seek the consent of an appropriate adult when interviewing or photographing a child for a story about her/his welfare.


19. Avoid plagiarism.


20. Ensure reporting of Guild elections of Officers is undertaken in a way to ensure no bias affecting any candidate and will work with Guild staff and relevant student officers to achieve this objective.

21. Never publish or broadcast anything that knowingly contravenes Guild Policy, the Guild Constitution, the Press Complaints Commission Code of Practice, this code of practise and the law relating to publishing; broadcasting; equality law; defamation and contempt of court and shall comply with instructions from dedicated guild support staff tasked with legal compliance and policy oversight.