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Art Accounts of Instagram

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Art Accounts of Instagram

Image credits: Patrick Tomasso

Sardelli Constanza and Megan Frost give us the comprehensive overview of which art instagram accounts to follow now

Social media is an insightful and interactive way for art lovers to explore their interests. It is an effective means by which one can find their new favourite artist, and to help you get started on this quest, we have compiled a short list of talented artists Instagram accounts


Brazilian artist Luciano Cian was born in São Paulo and earns a living as a versatile artist in Rio de Janeiro. His work covers the fields of drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, video and more. Cian is currently involved in the process of drawing through giclée digital print, a technique that uses ink jet printers to produce high-quality reproductions. His unique depiction of the modern woman is what distinguishes Cian’s portraits from other artists– his practice is all-inclusive and features female figures from a broad range of ethnic backgrounds.


Fun, psychedelic and colourful – the first three words that come to mind when admiring this artists paintings. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Chen’s choice of subject matter encompasses the simple pleasures of life – animals, plants and amusing patterns. Pink, green, blue and orange cats are only some of the many bizarre protagonists featured in her art. Cheerful yet mischievous, Chen’s work is likely to shine light on your day.


Showcasing his graffiti street-art, we see the majority of the French photographer JR’s work out on the streets of Paris in places. Most of JR’s Instagram features the behind-the-scenes process behind his project which exemplifies his effective use of space. JR’s huge following of 1.5 million indicates his wide-scale popularity, much like how he transports his projects throughout the world. 


Based in Estonia and New Zealand, Eiko Ojala uses paper-cuttings by layering them in colours to create depth. Ojala’s Instagram layout is heavily minimalist using stark contrasts of colours. Most of Ojala’s posts showcase his projects such as art he has made for magazines. Indeed, most of his pieces seem to be for magazine covers or used for articles: their content reveals further meaning behind each of the works. Caption-wise, Ojala is also minimalist with simple descriptions of his art on Instagram that – without revealing too much – just state where the art has been included and short sentences about its purpose. 


Danish-Icelandic artist Eliasson challengers viewers perceptions of earth. His Instagram showcases projects alongside captioning eco-concerns. From his layout, we can see planetary-influences, using circular shapes such as spheres, light discs, and fish-eye lenses. 

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