Exeter, Devon UK • Sep 21, 2023 • VOL XII
Exeter, Devon UK • Sep 21, 2023 • VOL XII


Exeposé is the University of Exeter’s student newspaper, produced entirely by and for students.

Since 1987, Exeposé has given a voice to Exeter students. Over the years, the determination and inquisitive nature of Exeposé’s writers have helped shape student life at Exeter and beyond. We have received national recognition for our award-winning campaigns, investigations and surveys, and always strive to provide students with high-quality articles.

Launched in August 2012, our website provides rolling news coverage, features, reviews, satirical articles and much more. You can pick up the latest print copy of Exeposé from our distribution racks across campus, or you can read it online here.

National/Regional Student Journalism Awards

  • 2000 – Best Student Media Campaign (won)
  • 2001 – Best Small Budget Student Publication (shortlisted)
  • 2002 – Best Student Sports Journalist – Stuart Pollitt (shortlisted)
  • 2019 – Best Student Journalist, SPARC Southwest – Josh Brown (highly commended)
  • 2019 – Best Publication, SPANC (won)
  • 2019 – Best Website, SPANC (shortlisted)
  • 2021 – Best Publication, SPARC Southwest (won)
  • 2021 – Best Student Journalist, SPARC Southwest – Pete Syme (won)
  • 2022 – Best Publication, SPARC Southwest (won)
  • 2022 – Best Student Journalist, SPARC Southwest – Bridie Adams & Ollie Leader de Saxe (won)
  • 2023 – Outstanding Commitment, SPARC Southwest – Joshua Hughes (highly commended)
  • 2023 – Best Journalist, SPARC Southwest – Megan Ballantyne (won)
  • 2023 – Best publication , SPARC Southwest (won)
  • 2023 – Best Creative Piece, SPANC – Megan Ballantyne (special mention)
  • 2023 – Best Project or Initiative, SPANC (won)
  • 2023 – Best Publication, SPANC (won)

Guardian Student Media Awards

  • 2000 – Student Campaign of the Year (won)
  • 2001 – Student Sports Journalist of the Year – Stuart Pollitt (shortlisted)
  • 2001 – Student Travel Writer of the Year – William Carless (shortlisted)
  • 2004 – Student Sports Writer of the Year – Gary Payne (shortlisted)
  • 2013 – Student Publication of the Year (shortlisted)
  • 2014 – Student Website of the Year (runner-up)
  • 2015 – Student Publication of the Year (shortlisted)
  • 2015 – Student Reporter of the Year – Harrison Jones (won)
  • 2015 – Student Feature Writer of the Year – Harrison Jones (shortlisted)

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in Exeposé are not necessarily those of the Exeposé Editors nor the University of Exeter Students’ Guild. While every care is taken to ensure that the information in this publication is correct and accurate, the Publisher can accept no liability for any consequential loss or damage, however caused, arising as a result of using the information printed. The publisher cannot accept any liability for any loss or damage to artwork or material submitted. The contents of this, unless stated otherwise, are copyright of the Published. Reproduction in any form requires the prior consent of the Publisher.

Exeposé is the University of Exeter’s independent newspaper. Established in 1987.



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