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Exeter, Devon UK • [date-today] • VOL XII

Students' Guild Elections 2023

Welcome to Exeposé’s coverage of the 2023 Exeter Students’ Guild elections, which includes interviews with the candidates and a summary of each race. We want to thank all the candidates who participated and also all the contributors for giving their time — we hope you enjoy reading! Make sure you follow all of Exeposé’s social media to keep up to date with the latest news about elections.

Contributors: Isabella Ankerson, Megan Ballantyne, Anabel Costa- Ferreira, Harry Craig, Ewan Edwards, Charlie Gershinson, Megan Haynes, Joshua Hughes, Livvy Mason-Myhill, Gracie Moore, Amy Rushton, Amelie Thompson. 

Print edition designed and edited by Joshua Hughes and Megan Ballantyne. Available here.

Online edition designed and edited by Clémence Smith.

The second Candidate Question Time took place on Tuesday 21 February and offered students the chance to ask candidates running
The first Candidate Question Time took place on Monday 20 February, giving students an opportunity to ask candidates running for
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