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Do we need student discounts?

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The student discount is a money-saving gem for many. From 10% off in places such as New Look to the Co-Op, student discounts can really help to save some crucial pennies in your dwindling bank account. But do we really need (or deserve) them with the middle-class, privileged background of the majority of Exeter students?

Exeter is an expensive place to be student

To me, student discounts are an important part of student life. Whilst some students may be able to afford more, the reality of student loans means that most will often need some help from parents just to cover rent, meaning that you often don’t have much more money on the side to buy other things. Exeter is an expensive place to be student (oh, how jealous we are of our friends in Manchester or Newcastle) and so money doesn’t go very far. Student discounts help students out by giving small savings which build up to a substantial amount in the long run.


Whilst for some they may be insignificant, for others it can mean being able to afford to go out and socialise with friends or buy themselves some new clothes or other ‘luxury’ items. Although we have to except the fact that we’re going to have to budget and watch our spending throughout our time at University, it’s nice to be able to save some money and treat yourself every once in a while.

So there we have it, student discounts, the silent heroes of students budgeting everywhere. Although some may be lucky enough not to need them, student discounts still remain essential for those whose money has to be stretched a bit further. So next time you’re out, make sure to ask whether a shop offers student discount. Saving a few pounds each time adds up in the long run!

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