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International Columnist: blues from returning from Christmas

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It is time to face the realities of going back to class for those students who have had the privileges of spending a peaceful Christmas and New Year’s Eve without stressing over exams. Indeed, it is another new war to fight for students who have just ticked off their bucket list, for existing students who are still coping with jetlag and if not, the slightest feelings of cultural shock as they again get out of their comfort zone and muster up the courage to deal with new situations, and most specifically for new students who have just arrived and are adjusting to a whole new world, people and culture.

adjusting to a whole new world, people and culture

As opposed to the usual, to prepare myself for this war, I often go back earlier, approximately a week before the class starts as it is crucial to re-familiarize myself with the university environment so that I can slowly get into the “study” mood rather than stay in the “holiday” mood. Checking and getting rid of university emails are my first priority as emails pile up during the holiday so if you have not noticed yet, all the new timetables, results from the previous December exams and homework reminders (for some of us who are fortunate enough) have already been uploaded. Not to mention, many socials and future events have already been announced all over the Facebook. Therefore for new students, brace yourself as you will be bombarded with all the new information to the point that it could be overwhelming.


Next priority is doing something related to our subjects like reading as much as we can to get an idea of the subject that we are going to do next term. As much as most of us detest the prospect of doing this on holiday, this is however the quickest way to quickly get you into the “study” mood, well at least for me (yes, I admit to reading a bit of the marketing book for next term). Or perhaps getting involved in societies’ activities again and that is how I ended up writing this article, in which I definitely enjoy very much.

Yes, coming back to Exeter after Christmas and New Year break may not seem attractive for some international students who are already loving the sun and enjoying the food in their countries. Even so, as the saying goes, it will get better. For those hyped-up spirits, this is a good sign so keep up the spirit throughout the year. Of course, for those who have just finished the bitter January exams, it is time to take it easy. You deserve a break more than anyone else!

it will get better


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