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Our Predictions for 2017’s Fashion Trends

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2016 is finally, FINALLY over, and we’re all looking to 2017 with apprehension, waiting to see how the tumultuous political and cultural events of last year will unfold. The same is also true of fashion. You don’t get seismic shifts in the workings of the world without them somewhat influencing your wardrobe! So what will we be buying this year? Will the raw hem and velvet everything reign true?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, fashion has been truly altered by 2016, and we’ll feel the reverberations all through this year. Social justice and activism are working its way into dress at all levels, with more and more people using their clothes as a way to express their own views. When Dior immortalised Chimimanda Ngozi Adichie’s already immortal “We Should All Be Feminists” on a shirt in their AW 2016/2017 show, it became pretty much a cert that this would catch on at all levels of the style hierarchy. Watch out for graphic and slogan Tees across the board this year, and keep an eye out as this trend hits your accessories too. Yep, statement belts and embellished trainers will be where it’s at. Time to jazz up those white Stan Smiths for a bolder, brighter 2017.

Social justice and activism are working its way into dress at all levels

As for era inspiration, while 2016 looked to the 60, 70s and 90s for all of the waviest garms, 2017 will be the year of the 80s. Power shoulders will be everywhere, the favoured silhouette in fact, and with pink seriously dominating all of the runways (sorry Pantone, I just don’t see Greenery being a thing as much as you want it to be), you can channel your John Hughes movie hero(ine)s and find the pink power shoulder blazer of your dreams.

This year will see the introduction of some very cool accessories trends. We have the speculated (and potentially meteoric) rise of chain mail jewellery: think Joan of Arc chic, well within the pantheon of tough pieces for boss women. The phone case is the new “It” accessory because in 2017 bags are obsolete if your phone case can carry your phone, and have slots for your debit cards and look hella cute in the process. And perhaps my favourite of all this year, the Croc is due to make its comeback, thanks its showing on Christopher Kane’ You may laugh, but this has been a while coming.  It’s the new Birkenstock darling, and I just may be a little love with it.

A theme I’m really looking forward to this year is the rise of tech in fashion. As wearable tech is becoming more widespread and (marginally) more affordable, technology influences are being seen everywhere. You could find them in your local Topshop in the form of metallic tones and textures, and maybe further afield in newly developed highly thermo regulating materials.

If 2016 was the year of using far reaching inspiration to express who you are, 2017 will be the year of expressing who you are so loudly that even passers by on the opposite side of the street can see. Dress well, and dress responsibly, because in 2017, it’s likely that everyone will be paying attention.

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