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We have all already, one morning, looked in the mirror and thought “Ok, now what am I going to do with this hair”. University is a place where most of us would rather go out the night before our 8.30 and then sleep until the last minute. If you’re not slaying than what are you saying, life is too short to have boring hair. So to all of you who must deal with your hair every day, fear no more, because here is a list of remedies that will make you forget about bad hair days forever.

The first step is to keep calm. Just remember, everyone has days where life does not want to cooperate. You might think that it happens to you more often, but the fact is that generally this is false.

Next, it’s all about the dry shampoo. The purpose of dry shampoo is basically to save you from these days when your hair has decided to make your life hard. Lift your hair, spray, brush, and slay. This will leave your hair oil-free, fresh and ready to go.

everyone has days where life does not want to cooperate

Your second-best friend is your curling iron. It is a good way to get volume right away. Flip your hair upside down and blast your roots with hot air to add some life back – no one has to know that your hair looked terrible at first. Your curling iron will add a bit of volume to your hair, making it harder to see your parting and helping you to hide your mismatched roots.

You can also try a simple twist back that will make everyone think that you have as much control over your hair as you have over life (again, no one needs to know that it’s a complete lie). Just grab two sections and twist it to the back.

Now, let’s talk about the braids. Did you know that braids looked better in dirty hair as it makes them hold better? Spray some hairspray on a brush and run it over your hair to tame your flyaways and start braiding. Let me tell you, you woke up like this and you look fabulous.

Turning your hair into a statement also seems to be a solution as you’ll forget how frustrating they can be. Grab bobby pins and do a cross design or twist it back and hide it underneath your hair.

braids look better in dirty hair

Finally, you can also do a simple ponytail. If you’re running low on time because you decided to oversleep, go for the double ponytail. Leave the top section out while gathering the back into a pony, secure with elastic, then add in the front section and secure with a second elastic.

For the afro’s, I’ve got your back too, don’t worry. We all know how difficult it is to deal with an Afro when it has decided not to cooperate. And to this, I answer three simple words: cream, beanie and head-scarf. Put cream in your hair, because this will help detangle them and loosen the curls, and will already make you feel more comfortable. Now rock your head scarf in any of the possible ways: leave some hair out, do a flower, twist it, you know the deal.

Finally, for the beanie, don’t ever put your hat on the same way you want to wear your hair. Before you pull your hat over your head, push your hair to the opposite side you normally wear your part on, then switch it back when you take the hat off.

After reading all that, you might just be thinking, “why would I bother”, and decide to cut your hair in a pixie cut or go bald. Whatever you do, you will look beautiful, and don’t forget to slay the day.

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