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Exeter Pride

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Once again Exeter Pride proved to be one of the most preeminent celebrations of love, diversity, and acceptance across the South West. On its ninth time in a row Devon’s biggest lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT+) festival delivered what we have all come to expect of this event. Thousands of people taking to the streets in brightly coloured rainbow theme to enjoy an event that not only is a massive party of acceptance and tolerance, but also strengthens the respect, understanding, and friendships we share for each other.

Pride is the perfect example of ‘why I am proud to call this city home for most of the year’.

As a city we have a great wealth of communities who’ve fostered strong relationships and kinships amongst each other over the last few decades. And to me it’s clear that Exeter Pride, alongside other events such as Exeter Respect Festival, continue to be key in fostering that welcoming and understanding atmosphere our homely city has.

Pride in my opinion is a perfect example of why I am proud to call this city home for most of the year and why I love this place so much. Last year I felt the full extent of Exeter’s willingness to accept anyone who is prepared to love our city just as much as Exonians’ do. I think it’s fantastic that the majority of Exeter chose to have some form of representation at pride. Some of the most notable organisations include Nando’s (mainly due to how well their logo fits with the vibe), the cathedral, and our emergency services — the list is quite extensive.

pride strengthens the respect, understanding, and friendships we share for each other.

With the addition of Joss Stone backed up by a wide variety of entertainers, performers, and experts on LGBT+ topics, experiencing Exeter pride was extraordinary. Ben Bradshaw, Exeter’s MP, also addressed the crowd. Elected back in 1997 as one of the first openly gay MPs, he is proud to receive continued support from such an open and tolerant city.

Overall, Exeter Pride delivered an experience where everyone from all backgrounds, all orientations, all demographics, and ages felt that they could be the person they truly are in a safe and welcoming carnival like environment. Nonetheless, we must not forget that Exeter is a rare shining example of acceptance in a world that continues to abuse, torture and murder innocent people for just being themselves. We must continue to show our support, no matter who we are, so our friends and fellow people can be free to express themselves without fear of persecution. Pride continues to have a place in our modern, progressive city.

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