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What the Freddo?

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Described by BuzzFeed in 2015 as ‘the greatest issue facing modern Britain’, the ever-increasing price of Freddos has long been a controversial issue in the UK. Whilst some may consider the ongoing Brexit negotiations to claim the title today, many twitter users are vocal in their frustrations on this emotional subject. One user; xmuggymike, recently called the latest price hike ‘the greatest indictment on today’s economy’. Fans of the chocolate treat are taking action, with protests against the rising price of Freddos organised in September in both Cardiff and London, with over 3,000 people ‘interested’ in each event on Facebook.

the ever-increasing price of Freddos has long been a controversial issue

Freddos were originally introduced to the market in 1994 for a mere 10 pence, but following several incremental increases in price, a single Freddo was increased by 20% to 30 pence in early 2017. While the size of the bar has been altered in the past, in its current form, the Freddo is now only 1 gram heavier than the original. In a recent report produced by Vouchercloud, a Freddo should now cost only 15p had the price increased with inflation.

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So what’s behind this discrepancy between actual and inflation adjusted projected price? Mondelez International, the company which now owns Cadbury (makers of the Freddo) are no strangers to controversy in the chocolate department. Last year they caused international outrage by changing the shape of the Toblerone, reducing the weight of the product without cutting the price. Mondelez has cited ‘a rise in raw material costs’ as the reasoning for such product amendments.

Well respected financial publication ‘The Daily Mail’ published an analysis of the rising price of chocolate back in 2013, blaming the price hikes on “the rocketing price of cocoa butter.” The current situation appears no different but fans of the Freddo can take cold comfort in knowing that it is not just their beloved frog shaped treat that has seen price rises.

But why do people care so much about the Freddo? One possible reason is that the price is prominently advertised on the front of the Freddo packaging, meaning there is standardised pricing across the country. This is not commonplace with all confectionary, which often varies in price between retailers and locations. Therefore, any widespread price increase in the Freddo is instantly more noticeable than with similar products, causing greater public outcry. In addition, people are likely to remember the childhood treat being 10p when they were younger, making the 30p charge now seem extortionate.

for fellow Freddo fans, it is inevitable that the future will hold further price increases

Unfortunately for fellow Freddo fans, it is inevitable that the future will hold further price increases. Based on current trends, the Freddo could cost an astounding 38p by 2030. Continued inflation coupled with the fall in the value of the pound since the Brexit vote in 2016 has affected the price of imported goods, increasing manufacturing costs which are in turn passed on to the consumer. Earlier this year, competing chocolate manufacturer, Mars, warned that the decade could see exaggerated increases in the price of chocolate goods if the UK did not secure a favourable deal with the EU. For now, it seems the best way to beat this most recent price hike is to buy your Freddos in multipacks and keep your fingers crossed that prices won’t skyrccket in the next year!


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