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Preview: VANT @ Exeter Cavern

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Exeter’s best alternative and (literally) underground club, renowned for hosting killer club nights like Magic Hatstand and Saturday Indie Club, as well as being Exeter’s longest running live music venue, is adding another brilliant band to its history. Citing The Clash and Rage Against the Machine as their influences, London four-piece VANT bring together the edge of garage rock, politically-charged punk lyricism and undiluted indie rock in vibrant, crashing, catchy songs. Having spent the best part of 3 years intensely touring, they are native to the live music scene, and with such an intimate venue as the Cavern, it should be a massive show. Over the last few years, they’ve received glowing endorsements from every publication they’ve appeared in, as well as multiple premieres as Annie Mac’s “Hottest Record in the World” on BBC Radio 1.

it makes the opportunity of going to see them live all the more exciting

While admittedly some lyrics are questionable as poetry, VANT has used their platform to bring light to issues that have true resonance to them – for their video for ‘Peace and Love’ released in 2016, they shone a spotlight on young people’s experiences struggling to live in Ukraine and Jordan. Their song ‘Parking Lot’ deals with the troublingly prevalent issue of sexual assaults on university campuses. Their messages however are underwritten with memorable hooks, so you’ll be jumping around and singing along rather than being preached to.

However, there is another piece of information, which may incite you to go along to Cavern to see these guys – despite having only just this February released their debut album, Dumb Blood, VANT in October announced their ‘indefinite hiatus’ to begin after their ‘Last Days of Punk’ tour this November. Sad as this is, it makes the opportunity of going to see them live all the more exciting, especially as they are in town – this tour is likely the last one for the band, so you know they are going to be giving it their all. So for a no-bars-held night of headbanging and a good cathartic mosh, head over to the Cavern on the 21st to see VANT – it could be your only chance.

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