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OOD – Freshers Suitcase Compilation

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With the dreaded last minute suitcase shoving upon us, you’d be forgiven if you condensed your uni life down to one travel sized suitcase. Not having to sit with a box on your lap for a three hour drive sound good? Not spending four hours unpacking your belongings at the other end seem appealing? The Exeposé team are here to help, combining their efforts to create the ultimate Freshers suitcase (you’re welcome).

MUG – Millie Walford

There is nothing more comforting than a cup of tea. Indeed, much can be discovered through this humble offering – consider it a real life BuzzFeed quiz. So, as your freshers’ essential, I present the lowly kitchen mug.

Inviting someone for a ‘cuppa’ is the perfect conversation starter. Then we have the choice of mug, which you must let your prospective friend make. Remember mug maths: more mugs equals more friends. Then the tea. Do they stick to builders? A herbal number? The tea-related conversation will flow and an opportunity for bonding over your mutual love of matcha green will brew nicely.

PHOTOS – Chloë Edwards

Blank space isn’t my thing. I don’t mind Taylor’s Swift rendition about it and I do appreciate the tumblr-esque minimalist bedrooms, but in your new room away from home, you might want to make it your own. During the first weeks of term, you’re sure to find poster and plant sales to help spruce up your new room, saving you carrying excess decor to your new campus. However, for me what personalises a room the most is photos – it’s easier than ever to print off your favourite snaps fairly cheaply, and they’re easy to pack in a small envelope. Whether it’s pet photos, holiday memories or simply smiley shots of friends and family, they’re sure to boost your mood every time you see them and on a deeper (read: cheesier) note, it’s reassuring to see the faces of people who’ve got your back as your start this new chapter.

DECK OF CARDS – Jasmin Priya

The best advice I’ve ever received as a traveller is as follows: all you need is your phone, wallet and passport, and you can go anywhere. However, as a student, I’d add a decent overdraft to that list, and a pack of cards. Why the last one? It’s entertainment when you’re “solitaire”, or an icebreaker with other solo individuals. It’s the base of any classic drinking game, whether you’re lighting up a ring of fire or taking a cheeky ride on the bus. It’s not just an inexpensive university essential, but one you need in your life.

WOK – Ellie McGarahan

“Ellie, can I borrow your wok?” is probably my most-heard phrase of uni so far.

But I’m not even mad about it. Who could blame my housemates? This bad boy – just £7 from IKEA, no less – does it all: stir fries, spag bol, curry – you name it, it’s going in. Hosting a flat ‘fajita Friday’? Only this kitchen utensil will do. Making campus meals for the week? Stick it in the wok and keep in tuppaware. It’s even doubled up as a punch (correction: death mix) bowl for post-exams pre-drinks on a few occasions.

Don’t mess around – find out wok all the fuss is about.

DRESSING GOWN – Elinor Jones

There is one item of clothing that has eternally been overlooked for style, comfort, and usefulness: the dressing gown. Whilst others may contest, this essential piece is a requirement of not only freshers but all students, and here’s why.

Firstly, moving away from home can be a scary, emotional, and exhausting experience. For the nights when you’re not at Unit 1 or TP (because who goes to Fever or Rosie’s anymore) snuggling up in a warm wrap of happiness, likened to a hug, with a good cuppa and your favourite childhood film can be the best way to settle in.

Secondly, especially those in a house share, or without the luxury of ensuite, the volume of VKs and chai lattes consumed in Exeter will see you nipping to the loo in the night. Instead of having an awkward encounter with a flatmate’s one-night-stand, let your dressing gown be your cloak of invisibility.

Finally, amongst deadlines and/or exams, getting dressed is the least of your concerns. Throwing on your gown gives your flatmates the impression your life’s in order, and are in the process of setting up for the day. No one needs to see you until tea-time when you’ll be similarly dressed but have a matching weary look upon your face.

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